Chilean President Proposes Healthcare, Education, and Work Rights for Immigrants

By: Ysol Delgado - Jan 23, 2017, 8:05 am
Rights for Immigrants
As Bachelet works on a new immigration bill for congress, some critics have raised concern about whether it goes too easy on immigrants. (La Tercera)

EspañolAn immigration bill in Chile could create a National Registry of Foreigners defining their rights to health, education and work, with the ultimate purpose of making the entry and stay of immigrants easier and more flexible.

Michell Bachelet has reportedly been working on the bill for several months, making it a top priority for the country’s congress.

The bill has generated controversy over its stance on crime, as it does not propose the immediate expulsion of immigrants who commit a crime, but rather treats them the same as a Chilean citizen living under the country’s ordinary laws.


The bill also includes modifications to handling immigrants living in Chile illegally or that find themselves in an “irregular situation.” Currently, expulsions from the country are made by the Department of the Interior, but the bill would allow any expulsions made by officials to be appealed first.

Authorities would then have to made a decision within a maximum period of 60 work days, which some critics said would create an extra bureaucratic process all but eliminating immediate expulsion. Another 30 days could even be added onto that should the immigrants wish to take the issue to the Court of Appeals.

Source: La Tercera

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