Bolivia MAS Party Proposes Workaround for Morales Third Reelection

Mas movement
MAS is working hard to keep Morales in office. (Pinterest).

EspañolThe MAS Movement for Socialism party in Bolivia has proposed five legal alternatives to getting Bolivia’s President Evo Morales re-elected.

Álvaro García Linera said that opposition politicians and several constitutionalists are looking into preventing “a range of possibilities” promoting re-election. He said many mechanisms can be used by MAS to achieve its objective of getting Morales into office.

MAS and other supporting groups plan to go to the National Congress with five legal alternatives to try to get Morales reelected in 2019.

Among these proposals is the constitutional interpretation of political rights, and a referendum.

Leader of the Chuquisaca Parliamentary Brigade Elmar Callejas said MAS will try a second referendum in the legislature, because in a popular vote that took place last February 21, there was talk about renominating Morales but not of reelecting him.

Bolivia’s Ambassador to the Organization of American States Diego Pary said that if there was a query to enable re-election, another 10 consultations could be convened to address the issue again.


While ways of keeping Morales in power are evaluated, Secretary to Governor Cruceña Vladimir Peña questioned MAS’ attempt to impose a new reelection instead of working to solve the different demands of the people Bolivian.

“I think we should not deal with MAS, but with the political alternative,” he said.

Source: El Deber

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