Chilean Minister Apologizes for Public Stunt with Inflatable Sex Doll

En tanto, Fantuzzi, también a través de su cuenta en twitter, dijo: Pedimos perdón: Tengo esposa, hijas y nietas, jamás la intención fue generar violencia contra la mujer (Taringa)
Fantuzzi asked forgiveness, saying he did not intend to generate any violence against women. (Taringa)

EspañolFollowing controversy over a gag gift inflatable doll intended to “stimulate the economy,” Chile’s Minister of Economy Luis Felipe Céspedes and President of Asexma Roberto Fantuzzi are issuing apologies.

At a dinner held for the Association of Exporters and Manufacturers, a symbolic gift is traditionally given to the minister who assists on behalf of the government. In this case, that gift was a blow-up sex doll.

(Radio Villa Francia)
The doll was given as a gag gift at dinner this week (Radio Villa Francia)

Céspedes tweeted that despite being surprised with the gift from Axexma, he wanted to apologize, claiming it wasn’t consistent with his views on women.

Fantuzzi, meanwhile, also asked forgiveness, saying that he has a wife, daughters and granddaughters, and did not intend to generate violence against women.

The joke has received negative responses across social media. Several users described the gift as “macho” and criticized the indifference of authorities who were present at the dinner. Corfo Executive Vice President Eduardo Bitrán, Energy Minister Andrés Rebolledo and presidential candidates Alejandro Guillier and José Miguel Insulza attended the dinner.


President Michelle Bachelet condemned the inflatable doll as an example of the Chilean economy, saying that, “The struggle for respect for women has been an essential principle in my two governments. What happened at Asexma’s dinner can not be tolerated.”

Source: La Tercera

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