Results of Julian Assange’s Interrogation to Be Delivered to Sweden in December

Comentó que la Fiscalía ecuatoriana cumplió “el encargo” de la Fiscalía sueca de realizar el interrogatorio y que en la cita estuvo también presente una traductora por parte del país andino (Democracy now)
Julian Assange was interrogated in mid-Novemeber. (Democracy now)

EspañolThe transcript of Julian Assange’s interrogation in Ecuador will be ready to be sent to Sweden in December, according to Attorney General of Ecuador Galo Chiriboga.

Chancillor Guillaume Long requested that a list of questions be asked to the Wikileaks founder, which was carried out November 14 in London, focusing on alleged rape charges. The content of his answers is reportedly of the utmost importance to the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office.

Chiriboga said during a press conference that despite the interrogation done in English, they had to translate to and from Spanish as well as to and from Swedish. He said doing so was part of an agreement made between Ecuador and Sweden.
Additionally, he requested a DNA sample taken from the Australian journalist but Assange presented documents that reportedly showed the test had already been taken by the English police.

Chiriboga said he doesn’t believe Assange’s case has an “immediate solution.”

“I don’t believe there’s an immediate way out,” he said, “because despite what the prosecution has done, I think, over four years of inquiry, it is clear that the prosecution did not take appropriate action based on their research … but that can’t be attributed to Ecuador. It’s attributable to the Swedish Prosecutor’s Office.”


The interrogation was done by Ecuadorian lawyer Wilson Toaniga, with a list of questions prepared by Sweden officials, and asked in the presence of Deputy Head of Sweden’s Preliminary Examination Prosecutor’s Office Ingrid Isgren and Police Inspector Cecilia Redell.

The government of Ecuador has housed Assange in its embassy in Reino Unido since 2012 after he had exhausted all ways to prevent his extradition to Sweden.

The Australian alleges that should he be extradited to Sweden, he would ultimately end up in the United States, who would be harsh on him for having revealed secrets about its government.

Source: La República

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