Mercosur to Suspend Venezuela over Diplomatic Spat with Maduro

Its very unlikely they can manage to adjust from here to December to Mercosur rules, so Venezuela might be suspended from Mercosur (El Tribuno)
Maduro has a reputation for not complying with Mercosur’s rules. (El Tribuno)

EspañolMercosur members have given Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro an ultimatum to get his act together.

This Tuesday, September 14, Mercosur said Maduro has to begin complying with the bloc’s rules regarding trade, infrastructure, energy policy and human rights, among other things, that could result in a suspension if he fails to do so.

Foreign Ministers of Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina issued a joint a statement Tuesday, urging Venezuela to adhere to established protocol.

While the statement doesn’t list an explicit date, unofficial sources in the Foreign Ministry of Paraguay and Argentina reportedly set the start of December as a sort of ultimatum.

Since Maduro took office in 2013, he has reportedly failed to comply with at least 30 percent of Mercosur’s rules regarding everything from human rights policy to energy.

Venezuela reportedly needs to pass at least 300 laws in Congress and 40 international treaties to comply.

The statement also requested “steps to ensure the balance of rights and obligations in the process of adhesion of Venezuela, mindful that this country has not incorporated essential Mercosur rules into their national legislation.”

Source: La Nación

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