Zika Reaches Miami, Florida While Officials Scurry for Resources

This is the first case Zika in the United States by mosquito NPR

EspañolThe Zika virus has arrived in Miami, the heart of Florida’s tourism industry, and two nearby localities in Miami-Dade County, according to the Center for Disease Control and state Governor Rick Scott.

Public officials identified five cases of the infection on Miami Beach, which is known for causing birth defects in pregnant victims. The news is expected to be a huge hit to the region’s tourism industry.

“The Department of Health has received reports of five people that have been confirmed with the virus Zika on Miami Beach,” Scott said during a press conference.

The Mayor of Miami Beach Phillip Levine and Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz requested federal resources so as to be able to contain the potential spread of the virus through southern Florida.

A news conference was planned by the two officials to publicize their request to congress — which is on recess right now — to take action.

The five cases are the first in the United States in which the authorities have confirmed the virus was obtained through a mosquito.

President Barack Obama requested US $1.9 billion in emergency funds last February to be used to vaccinate and control the transmission of the virus through mosquitos.

Fuente: El Nuevo Herald

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