Orlando Avendaño Orlando Avendaño

Orlando Avendaño is a PanAm Post intern who resides in Caracas, Venezuela, where he studies social communication at Andrés Bello Catholic University. Follow @OrlvndoA.

José Azel José Azel

Senior scholar at the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies at the University of Miami. Azel was a political exile from Cuba at the age of 13 in 1961 and is the author of Mañana in Cuba. Follow @JoseAzel.

Iván Carrino Iván Carrino

Iván Carrino holds a Master's Degree in Economics and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. An economics professor at Belgrano University and at ESEADE in Buenos Aires, he also works as a consultant at Inversor Global. Follow him: @ivancarrino.

Aurelio Concheso Aurelio Concheso

Aurelio F. Concheso es venezolano, ingeniero mecánico graduado en el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT), empresario y moderador del programa radial de economía “La Otra Vía".

Hana Fischer Hana Fischer

Hana Fischer was born in and resides in Uruguay. She serves as a writer, researcher, and international affairs columnist in different media outlets. A specialist in philosophy, politics, and economics, she has written several books and received honorable mentions. Follow her @hana_fischer.

Priscila Guinovart Priscila Guinovart

Priscila Guinovart is an Uruguayan teacher and writer. She has written for outlets in Latin America, the U.S., and Europe. While in London, she wrote her book La cabeza de Dios. Follow her: @PrisUY.

Andrea Kohen

Andrea Kohen is a Chilean historian and economist with a bachelor's degree in Education Studies. Follow her on Twitter: @AndreaKohen.

Andrés Londoño Andrés Londoño

Andrés Londoño Botero es economista de la Universidad de los Andes y estudiante de maestría en Políticas Públicas en Hertie School. Síguelo en @andreslondonob.

Manuel Malaver Manuel Malaver

Manuel Malaver es un periodista venezolano, exredactor de El Nacional, El Diario de Caracas y la revista Exceso. En la actualidad colabora con La Razón y es editor de Factormm.com. Síguelo en Twitter: @MMalaverM.

María Marty María Marty

Maria Marty is an Argentinean with a bachelors degree in social communication, a scriptwriter, and a libertarian. She is the executive director of the Foundation for the Responsible Intellectual (FRI). Follow @mariamarty16.

Leonard Quinde Allieri Leonard Quinde Allieri

Leonard Quinde Allieri is an industrial engineer currently pursuing a degree in agricultural engineering. He's a member of Students for Liberty Ecuador, CREO Youth, and Ecuador's Libertarian Movement. Follow him: @LeoQALib.

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