Honduras: ZEDEs Are Coming


EspañolDespite some healthy skepticism (or even pessimism), everything appears to point to the fact that the ZEDEs are in process, and we’ll soon see their birth.

Legislators are using the last few weeks remaining for the sitting Honduran Congress to pass reforms and laws in preparation for the next government cycle. Most important, along with measures to fix decisions made by the previous government, there have been small reforms and changes to accommodate the arrival of the ZEDEs.

This includes an open door for military police to participate as security forces in the ZEDEs; adequate guidelines for the Judiciary Council to nominate and appoint ZEDE judges and courts; and foreign contacts to promote ZEDEs and explore institution sharing opportunities.

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These updates constitute just few notes in news articles — flying under the radar — but there they are. They help those of us who follow the process closely to see the glass is half full.

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