Progressivism Will Destroy History and Science

'People who menstruate.' I am sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud? 

A film set against the backdrop of the Civil War and portraying life on the plantations of the American South in the 19th century is racist for telling a story set in those times. What’s next? (Youtube).

Spanish – Today, the famous author of Harry Potter endures insults, the contempt of many of her fans, groups that want to censor her, and even death threats. Her crime: saying that women are the only ones who menstruate.

A few weeks ago, the writer tweeted out an article titled “Opinion: Creating a more equal post-COVID-19 world for people who menstruate.” Rowling wrote, “‘People who menstruate.’ I am sure there used to be a word for those people. Someone help me out. Wumben? Wimpund? Woomud?”

There was an avalanche of criticism in response to this phrase from basic biology. Fortunately, we still learn this in Latin America. But in “post-modern” and “developed” countries, it is considered transphobic. Rowling delved into the issue and said:

If sex isn’t real, there’s no same-sex attraction. If sex isn’t real, the lived reality of women globally is erased. I know and love trans people, but erasing the concept of sex removes the ability of many to meaningfully discuss their lives. It isn’t hate to speak the truth.

Following this incident, the writer has been facing death threats, and some employees at her publisher are “unwilling” to work on the publication of her next book, claiming that they support the LGBTI cause and do not agree with Rowling’s “transphobic” views.

Science must be destroyed; it is “transphobic,” and it is completely contrary to what the LGTBI lobby is advocating. These so-called modern experts who are presumably inclusive and tolerant constantly repeat that being a woman or a man is not a question of biology but of how a person perceives themselves. So there are women with a penis because being a woman is not associated with a biological issue like having a vagina. Also, in that sense, one can be a woman and not menstruate.

The attacks that the creator of Harry Potter has had to face for referring to those who menstruate as women are a clear sign that this totalitarian left-wing movement, which seeks to deny science by making us believe that being a man or a woman is a cultural rather than a biological matter, is not a matter of a few inconsequential madmen, who are increasingly loud, violent, and unabashedly denying reality.

A woman gets death threats and is branded homophobic for saying that women menstruate. This is happening in a world where most people were educated in their school with the scientific information that tells us that women have XX chromosomes, they have a vagina, they have breasts, and they do indeed menstruate. What is going to happen in a few years when millions of children have been educated by leftist and post-modern teachers who claim that you are not born a woman or a man, but you decide after experimenting?

“Gone with the Wind” is considered one of the best films of all time. It was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry and the 12th edition of the Oscar Awards. Out of thirteen nominations, it won ten awards, including “best-supporting actress” given to Hattie McDaniel, who became the first black actress to win an Oscar. The film became the highest-grossing film ever made at that time, maintaining that position for more than a quarter of a century. However, a few days ago, after the rise of the Black Lives Matter-led protests on the streets of the United States, HBO decided to withdraw the film until “historical context” was added.

A film set against the backdrop of the Civil War and portraying life on the plantations of the American South in the 19th century is racist for telling a story set in those times. What’s next? Can we never again read a novel or watch a film that reminds us that slavery existed? Are we racist if we like “Gone with the Wind?”

The madness of Black Lives Matter and these progressive movements that are gaining strength these days and see racism everywhere has come to the point of censoring certain activities for Black people. Just as Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate, claims that you can’t be Black if you vote Republican, it now turns out that Black people can’t be cooks, because that’s racist. As a result, several food brands have decided to change their product images. This is the case with the famous syrup “Aunt Jemima,” which will no longer have the traditional image of the black cook as they seek to “move towards racial equality.”

In reality, what these progressives seek is to divide society, to create hatred. Their cultural strategy to seize power is about transforming society and forcing us to live in a world of ridicule and lies. And all those cowards who, because they don’t want to be labeled insensitive, racist, or homophobic, play along with these groups and avoid telling the truth by trying not to be judged, will be just as guilty as the leaders of these movements of the liberticidal society we are heading toward.

For now, we are going with the fact that Black people can’t be cooks and can’t vote republican, movies set in the time of slavery are racist and saying that women menstruate is homophobic. We will see what happens. We will see if freedom and common sense triumph or if, as J.K. Rowling says, we’ll have to forget what the word “woman” means and live in a world where science and history will be reinvented by progressives.

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