Why The Left Wants You to be Without God And Family

Today, many confused liberals side with the bad guys and do a tremendous favor to the left by attacking religion and the family.

In Mexico, Spain, Cuba, Russia, wherever socialism has been implemented, believers have been persecuted (Licensed to the PanAm Post)

Recently, some libertarians have focused their efforts on attacking religion, asserting that Christianity is the enemy of free societies, and some even dare to say that Jesus was a socialist and that to be truly free one must be an atheist.

While these confused defenders of freedom see religion as an enemy, in Cuba there is something very revealing about the actual role that religion plays in society. Cuban evangelicals are uniting to confront the regime, to demand that they can profess their faith freely and that their children not be educated in atheism.

Haven’t libertarians who hate Christianity asked themselves why, not only now but historically, socialism has attacked religion?

The answer is clear, but some don’t want to see it. Religion, Christianity, the church as an institution, is a barrier between the individual and the state. It is a barrier against socialism. The left has known this for a long time, so, just as for the confused libertarians, religion is their enemy. Some liberals on the left are doing them a tremendous favor…

The Ten Commandments, practiced by Catholics, Evangelicals, and Jews, prevent a true believer, a practitioner of sound doctrine, from being a socialist. God forbids stealing, killing, envying, hating, lying; and to implement socialism, it is necessary to do all these things.

God also punishes laziness as a sin, and the God of Abraham requires men to work.

As the third chapter in the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians states:

“that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

We hear that some among you are idle and disruptive. They are not busy; they are busybodies.

Such people, we command and urge in the Lord Jesus Christ to settle down and earn the food they eat.”

One of Karl Marx’s sons-in-law, Paul Lafargue, wrote an essay titled, “The right to laziness,” in which he defies the lazy and claims that the state must take care of individuals so that they enjoy their right to laziness.

Socialists are well served by lazy men, not by believing, hard-working, virtuous men who regard laziness as a sin.

Moreover, for a believer, God is everything, and everything comes from Him. Socialism needs people to believe that the state is omnipotent. While for the believer, the saying is “God will provide,” for the socialist, the phrase is “the State will provide.”

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.” We believers work and strive because God so commands; we know that all things come from him. Socialism expects people to not believe in God, because they must understand that the food and everything they need to survive comes from the state.

Believers are a burden for socialists. The left needs weak people who feel alone and want to be protected by a nanny state. The strength of religion, independence, and the way of life of believers are a barrier against socialism. A Christian does not vote for a politician to guarantee his life; his confidence is in God.

An atheist is a fertile ground for socialism. The left wants weak, lonely, and helpless people to offer it a protective state. In times of sickness, it is not God who will help for He doesn’t exist. Instead, the state will provide free healthcare. In cases of unemployment, God the State will be in charge of providing food and educating the children. Neither are the ten commandments or reading the Bible necessary; the state will give the commandments and say what is right.

Socialists behave like a religion in which the state is God, who provides and protects from the uncertainty of a world without the God of Abraham.

It’s the same with family. A Cuban friend who lives in the United States, and who had to suffer the horrors of socialism firsthand, recently told me about the problems her children have at school for openly saying that they want Trump to be re-elected. Their children are well educated despite what the teachers and classmates say. They have learned about the sufferings under socialism. It is tough for the left to pervert a person whose family has explained since childhood that socialism implies death.

On the other hand, as with a man without God, in most cases, a man without a family is also easy prey for socialism. Those who do not have a support network, those who do not know whom to ask for help in times of misfortune will find it easier to convince themselves that the state must meet all needs.

Those older people who have no children and are afraid of running out of money in their old age will readily vote for the politician who offers them help. Those young people who have no parents to support them financially and morally will vote for the one who promises free education. The sick without a family will want someone who can provide for their health.

A person who is weak in spirit, who feels alone and abandoned, who does not have a God nor a support network “in good times and bad,” will be easy prey for socialists.

In the Soviet Union, Stalin carried out an entire campaign to encourage children to denounce their parents when they “strayed off the line.” These children were treated like heroes, decorated, and glorified before the entire population. There are dozens of stories from those days of children reporting their families. Whether the report was true or false, it didn’t matter. The primary objective was to destroy the family, destroy the support network, and make sure that no one could be trusted, not even your own blood. Thou shalt love God state above all things…

Today the left has found more concealed ways to destroy families. However, the idea is not new. They have long understood that they need people to be on their own, without barriers between the individual and the state.

The question of religion is old, and the attacks are widely known. The Catholic Church has beatified about 80 martyrs of communism. This number is small compared to the hundreds of martyrs of whom the church has a record.

The Russian Orthodox Church has already beatified 2000 people. According to official Russian government figures, 45,000 Orthodox temples were destroyed, and approximately 200,000 Christian priests, monks, and nuns were killed in the Soviet Union between 1917 and 1985.

In the Soviet Union, during the Mexican Revolution, in the Spanish Civil War, in Castro’s Cuba, many died just for saying they believed in Christ.

Where socialism has been “successful,” religion has been persecuted, degraded, and believers have been singled out. The left is well aware that it is impossible to corrupt a genuinely believing and practicing society.

Today, many confused liberals attack religion and attack the fundamental institution of the family. They share a common enemy with the left. They are, it seems unknowingly, on the side of the bad guys.

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