Newcomer VOX May Have a Surprise Showing in Spain’s Upcoming Elections

VOX, an offshoot of the right-wing People's Party, is attracting large crowds to rallies across Spain, and may have a surprisingly strong showing in Sunday's elections.

VOX has taken Spain by storm in recent weeks, and may surprise many political analysts on Sunday (El Independiente).

We are a few hours away from the elections in Spain and everything is getting more and more exciting. The polls, which have had failed throughout the world, and failed in Andalusia, where they did not predict the 12 seats that VOX ended up winning, nor that the right would win power where the left had triumphed for more than 30 years, say that neither the right nor the left have secured the majority, and that the party of Santiago Abascal is likely to end up in fifth place, behind Podemos.

However, what is happening on the streets of Spain has amazed not only the Spanish people, but the entire world. Santiago Abascal’s party is a political phenomenon worthy of study. If we take into account the level of mobilization that right-wing VOX has achieved, instead of the surveys, the forecasts would be very different.

In fact that is the case with a study published by the Spanish political scientist Francisco Carrera, who was the only one who was right in his predictions for the elections in Andalusia. In the study, which all the Spanish media outlets have already published, the political scientist says that Vox will get between 67 and 73 seats, becoming the third largest party in Spain. The political scientist adds that this may be an underestimate, and that it is likely that the Abascal party will get even more seats.

The images of what happened on Thursday, April 25 in Valencia are shocking. I do not remember, at least in recent years, having seen a political party move so many people.

And the same thing has happened in Toledo, Oviedo, Valladolid, Granada, La Coruña, Las Rozas…In all the places that Santiago Abascal has visited during these last 15 days, Vox has packed venues to capacity; the stadiums and auditoriums are filled to bursting.

Yesterday in Valencia 6,000 people gathered to support Abascal.

VOX rallies a capacity crowd in Valencia, Spain.

Last Sunday, in Murcia, despite the rain, 2,000 VOX supporters congregated outside the venue where Abascal spoke to 4,000 people. Then, on Tuesday, in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville, VOX gathered 5,000 Spaniards, as well as hundreds more who waited outside.

VOX rally in Seville, Spain.

Today, Friday April 26, in its closing campaign rally, VOX has gathered around 20,000 people in Plaza Colón in Madrid.

VOX is conquering even leftist voters. And this week he seems to have conquered the heart of the Argentine singer Andrés Calamaro, who also holds Spanish citizenship. He stated that he is not “supporting any of the candidates presented on television,” bringing to mind that the only candidate who was not in the debates was Abascal.

“This debate is interesting but it does not help me to decide for whom to vote, not for any of these four forces that are going to share the budgets of elections and state management,” said the famous singer.

In a text posted on his Facebook account, Calamaro also says: “I prefer the vertigo of the patriots and reactionaries, in their way they represent me more than the moderates.”

Calamaro refers to the VOX as “the patriots who think of the workers and the working people, but without progressive gestures for the audience.” And he warns that “oracles are oracles, we must know how to interpret what they tell us.”

These statements by the famous musician referring to the leaders of VOX as the patriots who think of the workers come after a video went viral in which a leftist journalist interviews a worker and is surprised when he tells him that he will vote for Abascal.

The video offers great publicity for the VOX cause. The common sense with which the worker answers the journalist is masterful.

Spain’s election this Sunday mark a watershed moment for the very interesting political phenomenon that VOX represents.

On April 28 at 10:15pm Spanish time, and 3:15pm in Colombia and Mexico, the PanAm Post will analyze the results of the elections with lawyer and economist José Augusto Dominguez, who is affiliated with the Juan de Mariana Institute in Spain.

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