Maduro released prisoners to massacre Pemon Indians

Armed paramilitary forces and released prisoners have the mission to repress the indigenous peoples who have resisted Maduro's control over humanitarian aid

Paramilitary forces and prisoners armed by Maduro took over the border with Brazil with orders to massacre the indigenous Pemones. (EFE)

On Friday, February 22, the first attack by military forces loyal to Maduro against the Pemon indigenous tribe was recorded in the midst of preparations for the entry of humanitarian aid.

The Pemon ethnic group inhabits southeast Venezuela, on the border with Brazil. The army loyal to the tyrant arrived to take out the Indians who had organized a safe passage for humanitarian aid, they offered resistance and yesterday a man and woman, identified as husband and wife, were killed at the hands of tyranny.

At least three more deaths have been informed but names have not been provided yet, in addition to 22 injured, three of which have bullet wounds and were rushed in an ambulance to Brazil for surgery.

Hours later, several soldiers were held by the Indians, including General José Miguel Montoya. Their statements went viral on social media.

On Saturday, February 23, Nicolás Maduro  lashed out with full force against the Pemón Indians for daring to challenge tyranny with such force. At this moment, according to the authorities of the indigenous guard, the city of Santa Elena de Uairén has been taken over by soldiers and their order is to carry out a massacre.

There is little communication about the situation, due the internet blockades, but the audio and video messages that they manage to send are shocking and distressing.

The tyranny has applied a method used in the early years of the Communist Revolution in Cuba and removed prisoners from the El Dorado prison in the state of Bolivar, in order for them to repress any uprisings against the government.

Also, paramilitary groups known as “collectives” have the task to assassinate legislators who traveled to the border in order to get humanitarian aid across from Brazil, the objective is also to capture indigenous guards, captains, generals, as well as the mayor of the Gran Sabana municipality of Bolívar state, Emilio González.

After the indigenous tribe took over the local airport, as revenge for the murder of their people, the mayor gave an order to end repression against the Pemones and alerted that Maduro no longer had power.

His words came at a high price, according to the available information, there are more than 40 buses full of hitmen. Mayor Emilio is trying to flee because he is wanted dead or alive.

In an audio, the head of one of the territorial guards says that he is protecting the mayor and the captain generals.

According to her complaint, the mayor is wanted alive or dead and that is why “they took him to the mountain”. She says that there are around 3000 men with orders to massacre the Indians and that tyranny has released all the inmated from El Dorado and Vista Hermosa prison. They have orders to shoot everyone, the agitated woman says “this is war and I do not know if we are equipped to face 3000 people”.

Today, one of the guards who decided to turn his back on tyranny and recognize Juan Guaidó as president warned that the order was to remove the prisoners, arm them and “massacre the people.”

That is precisely what is going on since Saturday afternoon in the Pemon communities, in the south of Bolívar state.

The situation of the Pemon Indians, federal legislators and the mayor of the Gran Sabana municipality, at this moment is critical. They are alone and about to be massacred by members of the collectives and by prisoners armed by Maduro.

*Mamela Fiallo contributed to this article.

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