Westbury Police: Your Home Must Be Searched to Protect Your Freedom

City officials in the town of Westbury, New York, are creating a new police task force with the authority to conduct home inspections without notice. The surprise visits aim to bust what the city considers “illegal rentals” — the practice of renting space in a home to a person not listed on the property’s mortgage or lease agreement.

In other words, it is “illegal” for a homeowner to enter into a private contract with another individual seeking living space within a given property, and the strong arm of the law will now make sure this doesn’t happen. Because property rights.

That’s right, you read that correctly. With a straight face and without invoking Orwell at all, Thomas Liotti, a Westbury Village justice, claims that this program is motivated by a desire to help people “live legally” and “respect property rights.”

You see, citizen, in order for the state to protect your right to property, it must place strict limits on what you can and cannot do with your property. Armed agents of the “Housing Enforcement Unit” must routinely inspect your home and ensure you are not in violation of the new “zero tolerance policy.” This is most certainly not a police state, and you are living in the land of freedom.

In fact, this program is bound to be so incredibly successful at preventing individuals from renting affordable living space “illegal housing,” I see no reason why the police in Westbury should not dream a little bigger. Surely the city can round up a little more extortion money public revenue to hire a few more officers and build other similar units.

Why not “modify search warrant law” to sweep each home for prohibited drugs and restricted weapons? Could they not also check on each family to ensure there is no cause to suspect domestic abuse? A thorough inspection of each home in the event of a burglary will surely turn up any missing items.

Of course, the only way to make sure this program is fair and equal for all is to provide no exception, no notice, and “ZERO TOLERANCE.”

Then, and only then, citizen, will you learn to respect your rights.

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