Opposing Venezuela’s Totalitarian Experiment: Solidarity from Chile

EspañolA few words from Andrés Barrientos Cárdenas, director of Ciudadano Austral:

In Chile it’s possible to express one’s ideas in a free and peaceful manner, whether it be in a public place or in a simple cafe, and extreme poverty has been practically eradicated as a consequence of sustained economic growth. Who would have thought then that, in the 21st century, Latin America would continue with experiments that aim to restrain liberty and the responsibility of our people?

In this globalized world, we cannot remain indifferent towards the hardships that some of our fellow countries have to endure. Today, Venezuela is living a deep crisis as a consequence of socialism’s continued irresponsibility, and its plan to establish equality through force, while closing the door to spontaneous order and imposing an absolute control over the conscience and dreams of a society.

My greatest support is with the people of Venezuela. We hope the international community achieves a path to peace, so in the end, all those oppressed by Chavismo can breath liberty once again.


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