Human-Rights Organizations Know What’s Wrong in Venezuela


EspañolHuman rights organizations around the world are increasingly focusing their attention on the escalating violence in Venezuela. Here’s a roundup of the latest coverage on the country from the most prominent players in the international human rights advocacy arena.

A woman pleads with armed police for them to allow the protest to proceed: Tuesday, February 18.
A woman pleads with armed police for them to allow the protest to proceed — Tuesday, February 18, Caracas, Venezuela.

Amnesty International

Trial of opposition leader an affront to justice and free assembly.”

The charges brought against Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López smack of a politically motivated attempt to silence dissent in the country.

Human Rights Watch

Investigate Violence During Protests

What Venezuela does not need is authorities scapegoating political opponents or shutting down news outlets whose coverage they don’t like. . . . If it turns out López has been criminally charged without any serious evidence that he instigated the violence, this would clearly be an abuse of power.

Human Rights Foundation

HRF Condemns Arrest of Opposition Leader Leopoldo López.”

López’s arrest under the labels of ‘Nazi,’ ‘fascist,’ ‘terrorist,’ and ‘murderer’ is offensive not just to members of the Venezuelan opposition, but to pro-democracy advocates all around the world, including many survivors of tyranny sitting on HRF’s board who have suffered under Nazism, fascism, and state terrorism . . . His arrest is intended to intimidate anyone opposing Maduro’s regime and highlights the despotic nature of the current Venezuelan government.

HRF Calls for Peaceful Resolution of Crisis.”

HRF condemns the killing of two opposition demonstrators and a pro-government activist in Caracas and asks that the government impartially investigate and punish the perpetrators, regardless of whether they are police officers or individuals from either faction. . . .

HRF also condemns the shutdown of international TV channel NTN24 after its network reported live during the ongoing demonstrations.

Provea (in Spanish)

Provea ratifies that alleged torture or mistreatment of detaineess must be investigated.”

Provea denounces and rejects the manipulated version of events elaborated and publicized via the SIBCI (Bolivarian System of Communication and Information), according to which, “this Tuesday there were no students who were victims of torture on the part of the police department of the state.”

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