Obama Administration to “Deliver” by Dodging Constitutional Checks


The United States has a problem — and the problem thinks it is the solution.

President Barack Obama is worried that Washington did not deliver for the US people in 2013. He almost sounds remorseful, and this looks like a promising start to the “change” he campaigned for in 2008. But proclamations of heartfelt concerns by budding dictators have historically been too good to be true, and we have no reason to believe that our president’s will be any different.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney predicts that Obama will attempt to bypass Congress to achieve his goals in 2014. Evidently, blowing off checks and balances is “the right thing to do.”

Congress’s role is not to submit to the president like a band of serfs laboring for their lord. Carney’s reference to unsuccessful initiatives as mere “calls for action that involved Congress” is further indication of Obama’s disdain for the legislative branch.

Carney might believe that Obama’s contempt for the legislative branch makes him looks like a noble, benevolent public servant, one who cares not for politics. However, he should remember that the fine line between dictatorship and democracy is this: consent of the people, vested in a representative legislature.

This segment claims that a mere 37 percent of people polled believe that Obama is capable of doing his job. It seems that I’m not the only one who thinks King O should not be wielding unlimited power, especially not under the thin veil of good intentions.

Barack Obama’s unbending stubbornness is not to be mistaken with bold leadership, nor should his administration’s furtiveness be considered an attempt to protect sensitive information. It is to be fiercely questioned.

If the Obama administration has done anything productive in its past five years in office, it has taught US Americans a thing or two about placing full faith in a government that promises to give all they could ever want — because that is a government powerful enough to take it all away.

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