Watch the First Pharmacy to “Sell” Marijuana in Uruguay

EspañolLast Tuesday, the Senate of Uruguay approved the first law in the world that legalizes marijuana production. The law sets up a regulatory framework for all associated activities with this product, which will be legal under the strong control of the State.

The debate got a little bit of humor with the group, alongside the production company In a drugstore in Montevideo, they decided to make the clients believe that the government allowed people to test out marijuana in different forms, inside the store.

With hidden cameras in several places, they shot people’s reactions, who afterwards gave their consent for the release of the scenes. In this video, the accomplices are the pharmacist and two cops. In many ways, they approach the clients, who don’t know they are part of a farce.

According to its authors, the idea for this video was to give some humor to a crucial moment in their country. Also, they already advanced information about an upcoming video.

Translated by Marcela Estrada.

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