How Chavismo Naturalized Criminals to “Defend the Revolution”

ELN terrorist Álvaro Díaz Tarazona is not the only criminal with a Venezuelan ID

Álvaro Díaz Tarazona, alias Eduard, Colombian terrorist of the National Liberation Army (ELN), is not the only criminal with Venezuelan documentation (Twitter).

Spanish – Nicolás Maduro’s regime does not shy away from granting identification documents to international criminals linked to terrorist groups; one such case is Alvaro Díaz Tarazona, alias Edward, a Colombian guerrilla from the National Liberation Army (ELN).

Iván Simonovis, the special commissioner for security and intelligence of the interim presidency of Juan Guaidó, confirmed that the Colombian guerrilla chief was naturalized in Venezuela, and as proof, he showed the identity card that was granted to him with the number 25.712.140.

A consultation at the National Electoral Center (CNE) shows that the guerrilla now has the right to vote in Venezuela in the state of Apure, specifically at the Caño Regreso Bolivarian Primary School.

“Alex Saab was naturalized, ELN guerrilla chief Álvaro Díaz (alias Eduard) was also bestowed with a legal Venezuelan identity. With this debauchery, the regime has handed over thousands of documents to guerrillas and terrorists who threaten world security,” Simonovis said.

The PanAm Post received information that recently, foreign citizens, both Russian and Arab, have visited private clinics for routine check-ups. The curious thing is that, according to a source linked to the health centers, these “patients” arrived with Venezuelan IDs but with their respective translators because they did not speak Spanish.

In 2015, the PanAm Post also published a report on illegal immigration in Venezuela. At that time, it was discovered how a mayor in the state of Merida promoted the installation of a clandestine center for identification on the same day as the parliamentary elections, and in a public institution of the entity that was used for the PSUV, the governing party.

People lent their faces, so that they could be given numbers of deceased persons’ ballots and thus be able to vote more than once. Evidence for the same was also published.

Passports and Diplomatic Positions to Terrorists

The tyrant regime also benefits people linked to international crime by providing them with documentation. The case of Colombian businessman Alex Saab, Maduro’s frontman, is an example of this.

Saab, who was arrested in Cape Verde for money laundering and financing of terrorism, had a Venezuelan diplomatic passport sponsored by the regime of Nicolás Maduro. Although he did not use that document to enter the African country, the regime admitted that it had given him the passport to serve as an alleged agent of Chavismo.

But the Colombian businessman is not the only criminal with Venezuelan identification; we must also remember Ghazi Nasr al-Din (better known as Ghazi Atef Nassereddine), a key figure of Hezbollah in Venezuela.

Nasr al-Din, who is in Venezuela, was a diplomat for the regime, Venezuela’s Minister-Counselor in Syria. His family is part of a “clan” with economic power within the South American country.

In 2008, Nasr al-Din was sanctioned by the United States for facilitating the socialist regime’s connection with Hezbollah, and in 2015, he was classified as a person of interest by the FBI -Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Ghazi Nasr al-Din (Identity Card Number 18,190,527) was allegedly the person in charge of trade at the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus, Syria, and was later appointed Director of Political Aspects at the Venezuelan Embassy in Lebanon. In 2016, he appeared on the National Electoral Council as a voter from Damascus in Syria. But currently, he appears to be a voter in Caracas.

According to the Brazilian magazine, Veja, in 2015, sources declared that Nasr al-Din allegedly maintained a network of manufacturing and distributing authentic Venezuelan passports that were provided to conceal the true identities of terrorists.

“He arrived in Venezuela in the 1990s and joined the Foreign Ministry. He was a diplomat and was sent to Syria to be a minister. He was mainly in charge of the embassy in that country, and before the civil war in Syria in 2011, al-Din was in Damascus connecting the subversive networks that exist in Syria with the subversive networks of Venezuela, and with Lebanon,” Joseph Humire, an expert on hemispheric security and executive director of the Center for a Free and Secure Society based in Washington DC, told the PanAm Post.

“He is of Lebanese descent and is considered the main contact link with the Venezuelan government and Hezbollah. He worked with Nicolás Maduro when he was foreign minister and was essentially the eyes and ears of El Aissami in the Middle East for a long time,” Humire added.

Nasr al-Din is in Venezuela, but he moves around constantlyt. He is often in Colombia, the Dominican Republic, or Mexico. He is sanctioned by the U.S. and sought by the FBI, but is not wanted by Interpol. He has so much power that he was one of the main people in charge of designing the immigration system that Venezuela employed to provide passports to Hezbollah,” said Humire.

Nasr al-Din has been repeatedly interviewed by Chavista-aligned media outlets such as Telesur and RT.

Hugo Chávez’s regime promoted human trafficking across the world by illegally delivering at least 10,000 Venezuelan passports to citizens of Syria, Iran, and other countries of the Middle East.

Venezuelan Colonel Vladimir Medrano Rengifo, former Director-General of the Office of Identification and Migration Affairs of Venezuela, told El Nuevo Herald that between May 2008 and October 2009, at least 800 people arrived in Venezuela each month with an illegal passport.

Medrano explained that when El Aissami was serving as the Minister of Interior Relations, he issued orders not to deport citizens who entered the country with irregular documents.

“The passports were legitimate, legal tender, but the people who carried the documents were not really Venezuelan,” he explained.

In 2015, an official of the Scientific, Criminal and Criminal Investigation Corps (CICPC), identified as Misael López Soto, who supposedly was a counselor of the Venezuelan embassy in Iraq, confessed that he was a witness to the Venezuelan dictatorship delivering diplomatic documents to terrorists from the Middle East.

In a video, López explained that Embassy employees sell Venezuelan visas, passports, identity cards and birth certificates to people in Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Pakistan who paid between 5,000 USD and 15,000 USD to obtain the documents “under the complacent glance of the Venezuelan diplomatic authorities.” López Soto’s statements coincide with the arrests of citizens with Venezuelan passports.

In 2003, Hasil Mohammed Rahaham-Alan was arrested in the United Kingdom, traveling with a presumed Venezuelan passport on a British Airways flight to Heathrow Airport, near London. His flight departed from Caracas and made stops in Colombia and Barbados. A grenade was found in his luggage, so the terminal had to be evacuated, and the military had to intervene.

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