Oil For Food: Mexican Company Helps Maduro Evade Sanctions

The company Libre Abordo S.A. claims that it is not violating the sanctions because it is sending humanitarian aid, but in exchange, it is trading Venezuelan crude oil

The company said it expects to complete delivery of 210,000 tonnes of white maize and 1,000 trucks of water in the coming months (Twitter).

Spanish – Nicolás Maduro’s regime agreed to hand over millions of barrels of oil to a Mexican company in exchange for food.

José Ignacio Hernández, the legitimate attorney general of Juan Guaidó’s interim government, reported that this was a theft of oil from the Citgo company headed by Maduro, an action he described as “a clear act of war against the legitimate government.”

The prosecutor also said that after the theft, the tyranny “transferred the oil to a Mexican company. This is not an oil-for-food program. This was a criminal seizure of Venezuelan property.”

A Reuters report revealed that the Mexican company Libre Abordo S.A. became an accomplice to the regime by marketing Venezuelan oil and helping the Maduro regime evade international sanctions. The company claims that this is a transaction related to “humanitarian aid.”

“Libre Abordo has so far taken 6.2 million barrels of Venezuelan heavy oil for resale in international markets and has two more cargoes of oil and fuel to be loaded this month, according to PDVSA export programs reviewed by Reuters,” the agency said.

According to a company statement, the transactions are part of an alleged contract with the socialist regime that seeks to export Mexican trucks of corn and water to Venezuela in exchange for oil supplies. However, it is a company that has no experience in the oil sector.

The company reported that it expects to complete delivery of 210,000 tonnes of white maize and 1,000 trucks of water in the coming months while receiving oil in return.

Reuters research reveals that the company was formed about a decade ago. However, it registered a sudden increase in its activities last year.

Mexico’s complicity

Just as the role of Libre Abordo S.A. was revealed, it was also made public that Mexico reportedly freed the accounts of Maduro’s frontman, and at the same time, allowed the illegal business of money laundering to continue within the framework of the imports of the subsidized CLAP food boxes.

An investigation by the portals Armando.info and Excelsior revealed that in November 2019, Colombians Alex Saab Morán and Álvaro Pulido Vargas managed to circumvent international sanctions while maintaining illicit business with the CLAPs. With new food brands, they maintain businesses in Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela.

The research explains that “Renaciente” brand products, used by Maduro to control Venezuela’s poorest population, are packaged by 4PL Industrial S.A.S. According to Armando.info, this is a Colombian firm that connects the Saab and Pulido network with two other Colombians: Carlos Lizcano Manrique and Jorge Andrés Saavedra Bedoya.

The report states that “sources knowledgeable about the business claim that 4PL Industrial is still in charge of logistics operations from the free zone of the port of Cartagena, Colombia, and even packages some of the bulk products that Colombian businessmen buy in Mexico, such as lentils and black beans of the Renaciente brand.”

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