Economic Blockade? Maduro Sends Medicines to Cuba

Even though the regime claims that there is an economic blockade and has complained about the United States to the International Criminal Court, it sends food and medicine to Cuba

A shipment of “16 containers of medicines, donated” by the Maduro regime to Cuba (Twitter)

Spanish – The Nicolás Maduro regime was once again exposed when it complained to the International Criminal Court about an alleged blockade by the United States. However, it managed to send a shipment of medicines to Cuba.

In February, the usurping foreign minister of Maduro, Jorge Arreaza, went to The Hague to blame the government of Donald Trump for alleged “crimes against humanity” following the economic sanctions imposed against the dictatorship.

The paradoxical accusation in which Maduro accuses Trump of “economic warfare” arose although Maduro has repeatedly shown that he continues to invest in arms and international businesses, and that there is no financial siege affecting the population.

Arreaza said the U.S. government’s sanctions are affecting the Venezuelan population because, according to him, they prevent them from importing food or medicine; a claim that is completely disproved after the shipment of medical supplies to the island.

The journalist, Javier Ignacio Mayorca, said on Twitter that the Venezuelan military ordered a “special mechanism” for business between Cuba and the regime of Nicolás Maduro.

This was the shipment of “16 containers of medicine, donated” by the Maduro regime, and he explained that the regime also sent “corn flakes, courtesy of Agrofanb.”

There were quick reactions as the regime alleged an international blockade and complained to the International Criminal Court about the United States, and sent food and medicine to Cuba even though Venezuela is suffering under an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

Julio Borges, Venezuela’s Presidential Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and representative of that country to the Lima Group, criticized Maduro for sending medicines to Cuba despite the health crisis in the South American nation.

“Every day, Venezuelans die because of the shortage of medicines, but the dictatorship prefers to send shipments to Cuba rather than help its people,” he said.

Borges said that the shipment of medicines to Cuba is another example of Havana’s control over the Chavista regime.

“This only reaffirms that Nicolás Maduro is a puppet of the Castro regime; international pressure against Havana will not stop,” he added.

Mockery of the UN

While Maduro donates medicine and food to Cuba, one in three Venezuelans suffers from food insecurity, according to the UN.

According to an analysis by the UN World Food Program, one in three Venezuelans are “food insecure and in need of assistance.”

The study was carried out between July and September 2019 with the aim of “estimating the needs and vulnerabilities of households in Venezuela.”

According to data collected by the UN, 7.9% of the Venezuelan population (2.3 million) is severely food insecure, while an additional 24.4% (7 million) is moderately food insecure.

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