Mexico Frees Accounts of Maduro Ally Linked to Food Program Corruption

The Venezuelan Parliament asked AMLO's government to explain why the accounts of Nicolas Maduro's frontman were unblocked

Colombians Alex Saab Moran and Alvaro Pulido Vargas have managed to circumvent international sanctions while maintaining their illicit business with CLAP (Twitter)

Spanish – Mexico unblocked the accounts of Nicolas Maduro’s ally, Alex Saab, and at the same time, allowed the illegal money laundering business to continue within the framework of the importation of the subsidized CLAP food boxes.

Despite being aware of international sanctions, and knowing that the Colombian national is linked with the Venezuelan dictatorship in cases of corruption and money laundering, the Mexican government has preferred to ignore these red flags and allow him to continue operating these illicit networks.

On Tuesday, 26th November, the Comptroller’s Commission of the National Assembly of Venezuela asked the Prosecutor’s Offices of Mexico and Peru to provide all the information at their disposal on Maduro’s figurehead, Alex Saab. It also requested the Government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to explain why Mexico had unblocked the bank accounts of the Colombian accused of making a fortune importing food into Venezuela.

“This is a matter of great concern to us because there are numerous indications that these accounts are linked to a great plot of corruption,” says the letter from the National Assembly.

In October 2018, when the president of Mexico was Peña Nieto, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office dismantled a criminal gang of companies associated with the regime of Nicolas Maduro and the CLAP, which exported low-quality food with a 112% premium to Venezuela.

Investigations indicated that the regime of Nicolas Maduro, who has forced the people to buy these boxes of food, has “stolen” from the citizens because the government used public money to purchase mediocre quality food and resold it at a premium to the most vulnerable population.

The “laundering scheme” is maintained.

An investigation by and Excelsior revealed that Colombian nationals Alex Saab Moran and Alvaro Pulido Vargas have managed to circumvent international sanctions while maintaining the illicit business with CLAP. With new food brands, they continue business in both Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela.

According to the investigation, the “Renaciente” brand products that now reach the poorest households in Venezuela under Nicolas Maduro’s regime are packaged by 4PL Industrial S.A.S. According to, this is a Colombian firm that connects Saab and Pulido’s network with two other Colombians: Carlos Lizcano Manrique and Jorge Andres Saavedra Bedoya.

“Sources knowledgeable of the business say that 4PL Industrial is still in charge of logistical operations from the free trade zone of the port of Cartagena in Colombia and even packages some of the bulk products that Colombian businessmen buy in Mexico, such as lentils and black beans of the Renaciente brand,” says the report.

It is worth remembering that at the start of November, the Italian financial police announced the freezing of assets – an apartment and some bank accounts – worth almost seven million dollars in an investigation into possible money laundering involving Alex Saab himself, but also his wife, Camilla Fabri, and one of his brothers, Luis Alberto Saab Moran, who was added to the sanctions imposed by the Treasury Department last September.

In Venezuela, on the other hand, the businessman keeps adding pieces to his vast business network to support the millionaire businesses with Maduro’s dictatorship.

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