Why Spain Is Maduro’s Second-Best Ally

The recent "socialist" actions of the Government of Pedro Sanchez suggest that his support for the Venezuelan tyrannical regime is out of conviction

It seems that Pedro Sanchez’s support for Maduro is out of conviction, not convenience (photo montage).

Spanish – After Russia, the Spanish government has become one of Nicolas Maduro’s main allies even though it maintains “low profile,” granting protection to Venezuelan opposition leaders such as Leopoldo Lopez and Antonio Ledezma.

Recently, the interim president Juan Guaido said that he “has no evidence” that the government of Pedro Sanchez has been the facilitator of the regime of Nicolas Maduro. However, lately, there is serious evidence of Spain’s support for the dictator of Venezuela.

Although Russia, China, and Cuba were considered the main allies of the tyrannical regime until recently because of their economic alliances, loans, and military and commercial agreements that help Maduro to hold on to power, we can now say that Spain is the second-best ally.

It was a “suspicious escape,” which showed Spain’s intentions to let Carvajal escape, as the Spanish police arrived at his home in Madrid, four days after the judicial decision ordering his extradition to the U.S.

Sanchez is forming a government with Pablo Iglesias, the grand ally of Hugo Chavez

Carvajal’s comfortable escape is evidence that Pedro Sanchez is an ally of the socialism that has destroyed Venezuela. Moreover, this week, he also announced an alliance with socialist Pablo Iglesias, who will now be the vice-president of Spain.

For Venezuela, Pablo Iglesias is not an unimportant figure. On the contrary, he was an ally of Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro, to the extent that he was linked to cases of money laundering and corruption in the South American country.

In 2017, the alleged illicit financing of the Spanish party Podemos with money from Iran and Venezuela became public.

Enrique Rioboo, the owner of Canal 33 television, said that the main members of Podemos “came with the money in their pockets from Iran and Venezuela,” money with which they also tried to buy the television channel.

Rioboo told the Senate that Iglesias and Juan Carlos Monedero financed the Podemos political campaign and that both Iran and Venezuela sometimes paid through 500 euro notes in cash, and other times through bank transfers.

This is not the first time we have learned about a possible mode of financing from Venezuela to the Podemos party in Spain. Ok Diario published an investigation revealing that the government of Venezuela paid Pablo Iglesias 272,325 USD in 204.

Iglesias reportedly received the money in dollars in his bank account in the tax haven of St. Vincent and the Grenadines (Caribbean islands), under the guise of payment for alleged “advisories for social development” in Venezuela. The large sum was received two months after the foundation of the Podemos party in Spain.

In 2016, Rafael Isea, former Venezuelan Minister of Finance, told Spain’s Economic and Fiscal Delinquency Unit (UDEF) that former President Hugo Chavez paid seven million euros (7.6 million USD) to the Podemos Foundation.

Isea, who was a minister in Hugo Chavez’s government, ratified before UDEF agents the authenticity of a document in which the former president approved the use of this money to create alleged “political forces and social movements” in the European country, to promote “political changes related to the Bolivarian government.”

According to the Spanish daily ABC, Isea declared all this at the Spanish Consulate in New York, in the presence of Spanish police investigating the possible illegal financing of Podemos.

Spanish monarchs sent to Cuba

On 31st October, it was revealed that the United States is considering sanctioning Spain due to the help that the socialist Pedro Sanchez is providing to Nicolas Maduro. The Spanish Central Bank facilitates transactions for the Venezuelan tyrannical regime despite international sanctions that the latter faces.

Greenlight for Chavista Bolibourgeoisie, commitment to dialogue and rejection of sanctions

Besides all this support by the Spanish government for the Maduro regime, it also came to light that the European country has allowed hundreds of Venezuelans linked to the dictatorship to live in its territory and that they have become rich at the expense of the Venezuelan people.

Pedro Sanchez’s government has additionally prevented the European Union from taking stronger action against Maduro while condemning U.S. sanctions.

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