Chavista Constituent Assembly Puts Forward Parliamentary Elections to “Eliminate” Guaido

Diosdado Cabello and Nicolas Maduro want to dissolve the parliament, call for early elections, and continue persecuting legislators.

Guaido declared that the legitimate Venezuelan National Assembly is preparing to go over to the “political offensive” (U.S. Embassy).

Spanish – The illegitimate National Constituent Assembly serving the dictatorship “imploded” after the recent sanctions issued by the U.S. Government. Therefore, it has now decided to put an end to the legitimate parliament with an opposition majority.

Juan Guaido, the interim president of Venezuela, warned on Sunday 11th August about the latest actions the Chavista regime intends to take through the Constituent Assembly presided by Diosdado Cabello. They want to dissolve parliament, call for early elections, and continue persecuting legislators.

Through a Periscope stream, Guaido declared that the legitimate Venezuelan National Assembly is preparing to go over to the “political offensive.”

“We have communicated with our allies in the region. We have to prepare to go on the offensive. They cannot stop us with jail and torture,” Guaido said.

For Venezuela and the world, Chavismo’s threat to annul to the National Assembly is not new; neither is the attempt to go ahead with early elections with the CNE controlled by Chavismo to appropriate the only independent public power in the country.

Chavismo was “hurt” by the partial embargo of the Trump government so much so that it stopped at the dialogue in Barbados and now wants to conduct elections to remove the legitimate president Juan Guaido from the limelight.

Since Maduro assumed power, the dictatorship in Venezuela has trampled on the constitution by creating the Chavista National Constituent Assembly, nullifying the Venezuelan parliament, and with authority to appoint judges to the Supreme Court of Justice, thus leading electoral frauds.

In 2015, when the opposition won the majority, the regime began persecuting the legitimate parliamentarians. They began to waver and trample Venezuelan laws to initiate persecution.

After the brutal persecution by the dictatorship, the Venezuelan Parliament has not only been annulled, but more than 70 of its members are also victims of repression: some are in prison, others in exile, others under protection in embassies or hiding.

These 70 persecuted deputies represent 60% of the opposition group of 112 legislators legitimately elected by Venezuelan citizens. The regime has brutally run them over despite their parliamentary immunity.

Venezuela already has a judicial branch in exile, represented by magistrates who had to flee the country to avoid detention. It also has a public prosecutor’s office, also in exile, after Maduro sought to arrest Attorney General Luisa Ortega Diaz. However, it seems that this is not enough, as Maduro is willing to put an end to all Venezuelan opposition.

Months ago, President Guaido indicated in an interview that military intervention “would be necessary if Maduro decided to radicalize.” However, the dictatorship has continued to radicalize, and the president has not yet called for a military coalition.

Meanwhile, world governments are reacting with press releases against dictatorial persecution, but only the United States and Switzerland have recently taken decisive action. If Maduro and his circle continue to gain time to strengthen, Venezuela could end up implementing the same model that the Castros established in Cuba, only with more refugees around the world and more significant political, economic, and security consequences for the entire region.

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