Guaidó Makes History, Arriving in Caracas as the President He Is

Interim president Juan Guaido was greeted by crowds of cheering Venezuelans at the Caracas airport, as well as a group of European ambassadors; a clear warning to the Maduro regime which had threatened to arrest him.

Juan Guaido is directly challenging the illegitimate regime of Nicolas Maduro by returning to Venezuela (EFE).

The interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, returned home “through the front door” just as he promised: he triumphantly landed today at Caracas’s main Maiquetía International Airport, as president of the nation.

“This was the moment when the interim president arrived home after a Latin American tour. Ambassadors from various countries awaited his arrival and accompanied him, in order to prevent his detention by the Nicolas Maduro dictatorship.”

Guaidó was greeted at the airport by throngs of Venezuelans as well as representatives of the international community, which included the presence of ambassadors from European countries such as Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Chile and charge d’affaires from the United States, the Netherlands, and Romania who stayed there to demonstrate their support for his safe arrival and warn against his detention in the face of threats from the dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro.

“The message that the president gave before getting off the plane: ‘We are going to recover our democracy, and our freedom’.”

Despite the strong police presence implemented by the regime, which has militarized the airport, Guaidó entered the country and passed through migration with complete normality; this despite having an order barring him from leaving the country, a situation that demonstrates his leadership and power against a weakened Maduro.

To the cries of “Freedom” and “yes we can” and with applause and great hubbub, Guaidó addressed the press that was waiting for him and said that he will continue to move forward despite the risks that he and his family run with the dictatorship.

“We are here,” Guaidó told reporters and exclaimed: “We are still in the street, we are still mobilized…We know the risks that we face, but we are stronger than ever, we are in Venezuela moving forward, and we will achieve the end of the usurpation very soon in Venezuela,” the interim president said.

Guaidó arrived at the airport with deputies Francisco Sucre and Sergio Vergara, both from the Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) party.

The leader kept secret the means by which he would arrive in the country because he faces the possibility of being imprisoned for having circumvented a travel ban that was issued by the illegitimate Chavista Supreme Court of Justice, which only recognizes Nicolás Maduro as president.

So far neither the Chavista Prosecutor’s Office, nor the illegitimate Supreme Court, nor any of the Chavismo’s top leaders has spoken out about the return of Guaidó.

“The moment when the interim president left Maiquetia International Airport towards the gathering in Caracas, where thousands of Venezuelans demanded the entrance of humanitarian aid and the end of the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro.”

After leaving the airport, the Venezuelan president led a caravan to Caracas to reach the gathering he had called to convene. But before his arrival, he made a stop in front of hundreds of Venezuelans concentrated in La Guaira, just outside the airport.

“President Guaido appears before a crowd of Venezuelans in front of the airport.”

Upon arriving in Caracas, the president mounted the stage and addressed a few words to the thousands of Venezuelans who took to the streets to support his return.

“Two elements that guarantee the process of transition: one, the unity of the parties, students, churches, unions, guilds, and the consideration of the Armed Forces; when faced with threats, some did not comply. Many did not comply. We said on January 5 the chain of command is broken,” said the president before his non-arrest.

“The second element needed to guarantee this transition, is to remain mobilized on all the streets of Venezuela. Are we going to let despair gain ground?” he added.

“The world is going to help us, but we are the ones who have to move forward on this path,” he said.

The president of the NGO Control Ciudadano, lawyer and human rights defender Rocío San Miguel, who maintains contacts inside the Armed Forces of Venezuela, revealed that Guaidó has made it clear that he has the respect of the state security forces.

“It is clear that you are respected by the National Armed Forces, the security forces of the state, and the Cuban situation room because you are a real alternative of power,” said the expert.

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