Venezuelan Regime Blackmails Opposition over Humanitarian Food Aid


Venezuelan regime

Espa√ĪolThe Venezuelan¬†regime said¬†it would open a¬†humanitarian channel to help those suffering from the country’s shortage crisis if the political opposition agreed to legitimize his¬†unconstitutional Constituent Assembly, which last year usurped the legislative branch’s National Assembly.

The country desperately needs food and medicine, which President NicolásnMaduro reportedly is willing to accept in the form of aid from other countries if the opposition recognizes the Constituent Assembly and can control where the resources are distributed.

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Venezuelans across the country have died¬†from lack of access to¬†the medications they need, while hundreds of children suffer from malnutrition. The regime haas thus far denied the need for humanitarian aid, or accused any offers of it as “foreign intervention.”

Both sides are reportedly weighing the proposition in the Dominican Republic, where the talks are taking place. Food would come from the World Food Program, an organization run by the United Nations. International sanctions and the upcoming presidential elections are also factors in the discussion.

Maduro’s regime has reached agreements with the opposition in the past, leading many critics to believe that decision is not beneficial to the country’s wellbeing. Still, it’s possible that the opposition will bite because Maduro¬†may¬†offer them an opportunity to¬†have two seats on¬†the National Electoral Council and to re-legitimize some of the political parties that have been abolished.

#Maduro in another repugnant move, is using the hunger and desperation of the people to try and gain legitimacy for his constituent assembly. Responsible nations know that the regime is a farce. They should not be silent. 

US congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen confirmed the information on Twitter, and urged mediating countries in the dialogue not to remain silent.

Opening a channel for humanitarian aid would be a major achievement for the opposition. But if the regime demands control of resource distribution, it could become an instrument for propaganda. Giving the Constituent Assembly the freedom to legislate not only to modify the Constitution any way that they wish, but also to put an end to the struggle for democracy in Venezuela. The ANC will have the power to annul the agreements reached in the dialogue, and even the power to force a new president-elect to subordinate himself.

On my way to the Dominican Republic to “negotiate”. Gov?Opposition in Venezuela. Without concrete and reliable results there is no reason to keep going.¬†

Both the Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray and his Chilean counterpart Heraldo Mu√Īoz warned Dominican President Danilo Medina ‚ÄĒ who is hosting the meetings ‚ÄĒ that they would withdraw from negotiations¬†if the regime did not take them seriously.

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