Former Top Chávez Aid Says Venezuela is Inching Closer to Bloody End, Military Coup

A former top Chavez aid has predicted a military coup scenario, in which the military's pragmatism leads them to oust Maduro (
A former top Chavez aid has predicted a military coup scenario, in which the military’s pragmatism leads them to oust Maduro (Twitter).


Heinz Dieterich, a German sociologist and ex-advisor to Hugo Chavez, warned that Venezuela is heading for a “military coup.”

Dieterich said that Nicolás Maduro “did not understand that he had to find a negotiated solution,” which is why he alleges that Maduro is “a step away from the abyss.”

“The National Assembly has been practically closed, and internal democratic rupture in Venezuela is increasingly turning the focus on a tragic, bloody outcome,” he said.

The sociologist said that the opposition currently grouped together under the Democratic Unity Table banner (MUD in Spanish) is fragmented and has lost the initiative, while Maduro took it “when the Constituent Assembly was invented.”

Regarding the sanctions imposed by the United States against the regime of Nicholas Maduro, Dieterich pointed out that Donald Trump seeks a “financial strangulation” and thus “thwart military support.”

“The military is very pragmatic. When they see that this has no future, then they themselves will strike. It is logical because they will be the saviors of the Fatherland. They take power, call elections, and save their own skin,” he said.

The negotiated exit strategy is a path that, for Dieterich, Maduro has practically closed. “People only negotiate when they think they can not win by another route, but Maduro’s government has not yet reached the conviction that its strategy will lead to the abyss.”

Last May, the longtime Chavista sociologist and ideologue predicted a “checkmate” of the Maduro regime and said that his government “has no brain.”

Maduro is also reeling from the highest-level defection to date in his administration: former Attorney General Luisa Ortega fled Venezuela last month, and has since made stops in several nations with promises of extremely damaging corruption allegations against the Maduro regime.

Source: DW

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