Maduro Supporters Storm Venezuelan Parliament, Wound Opposition Legislators and Journalists

chavistas armados - diputados
Guevara said at least two members of the National Assembly were wounded. Some of the walls in the buildings were even stained with blood. (Twitter)

EspañolViolent supporters of Venezuela’s dictatorial regime entered the country’s congressional building this Wednesday, July 5 and attacked National Assembly members and journalists.

Officials were celebrating Independence Day July 5, when the group — which supports President Nicolás Maduro’s regime — entered the National Assembly chambers and began throwing explosives that resulted in multiple injuries.

“What a disgrace that the Armed Forces allow criminals to attack parliamentarians,” Vice President of the National Assembly Freddy Guevara said. “We are going to continue to resist.”

Guevara said at least two members of the National Assembly were wounded. Some of the walls in the building were even stained with blood.

Leading up to the attack, journalists and National Assembly members had barred the doors to the room in order to protect themselves, as the chavista group had warned earlier that morning that they were going to take over the building for at least six hours. The blockade set up to stop them from getting in wasn’t strong enough, however, because minutes later an explosive went off and the chavista group entered the room. Officials with the National Guard tried to contain the Chavista groups with tear gas, but that proved ineffective as well.


The protesters threw firecrackers at journalists and parliamentarians who were at the branch of the National Assembly.

Source: TV Venezuela

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