Venezuelans in New York Petition to Remove Hugo Chávez Mural

By: Sabrina Martín - @SabrinaMartinR - Jun 12, 2017, 1:37 pm
Venezuelans in New York are outraged by a Bronx mural of former Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez (
Venezuelans in New York are outraged by a Bronx mural of former Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez (


More than 700 people in the United States have signed a petition to demand that a mural in New York City of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez be removed.

Through the website citizens in NY are collecting signatures to demand that the government erase the mural that was financed by the regime of Nicolas Maduro and painted on a wall in the northern borough of the Bronx.

The explanatory letter accompanying the petition is addressed to the governor of New York and state legislators. The threshold for delivering this document is 1,000 signatures, meaning that the group behind the drive needs 240 more.

The document outlines the increasingly authoritarian nature of the dictatorship in, Venezuela and the repression by the Maduro regime that has left more than 60 dead.

The letter establishes the need to “show compassion” for Venezuelans and demands “to remove the insipid mural of Hugo Chávez Frías.”

“The great irony of the mural is that Hugo Chávez felt a deep repudiation for everything that the United States represents and often criticized and insulted our government, politics, and culture,” the letter alleges.

“For Venezuela, the face of Hugo Chavez is a symbol of a regime that represses and kills its own people, just like Bashar Al-Assad in Syria. This mural is a constant reminder for Venezuelans who are exiled from the violence, despair, and suffering experienced in their homeland, and the families that were forced to leave behind,” it says.

It should be noted that this mural was inaugurated last September 22, 2016 and was overseen by Venezuelan Foreign Minister Delcy Rodríguez.

Chavez was once a popular figure with the American Left, but his predecessor Nicolas Maduro has seen his nation plunged into political instability, economic collapse, and rampant inflation, only compounded by the regime’s highly unorthodox economic policies.


Sabrina Martín Sabrina Martín

Sabrina Martín is a Venezuelan journalist, commentator, and editor based in Valencia with experience in corporate communication. Follow @SabrinaMartinR.

Venezuelan Protesters Burn Cuban Flag to Protest Castro Regime’s Meddling

By: Karina Martín - Jun 12, 2017, 1:04 pm

EspañolProtesters in Venezuela burned a Cuban flag this weekend as a symbolic rejection of the links between the two countries' dictatorial regimes. The event, which has gone viral across the country and region, took place on the 71st straight day of demonstrations against President Nicolás Maduro's dictatorship. Read More: Cuban Intelligence Imprisons Activist, Threatens to Destroy Opposition Movement Read More: Cuba’s “Humanist” Revolution is as Inhuman as They Come "Against Castro's interference in Venezuela," tweeted Venezuelan journalist Alberto Rodríguez in a video of the flag burning. It shows several hooded men pouring lighter fluid over the flag and then igniting it. Tweet: VIDEO Against Castro's intervention in Venezuela: this is how the Cuban flag was burned during repression in Las Mercedes. The burning took place in Altamira, Caracas, after the protest on Saturday, June 10, when the National Guard and the Bolivarian National Police were successful in repressing demonstrations. The flag burning caused controversy across the country, and world. googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); });   "The Cuban flag represents all Cubans and not exclusively the tyrant R. Castro. It is not correct to burn it," one person said. A Cuban woman even decided to burn the Venezuelan flag in response because, in her opinion, her country "is not to blame for the president they have in Venezuela that did not know how to run the country like he should have." "I as a Cuban will burn the Venezuelan flag," she said, and invited other Cubans to do the same. Tweet: Cuban resident in England angry about Venezuelans burning flag. What would they say if we invaded Cuba like they do? This is not the first time groups of Venezuelans have burned the Cuban flag. Between 2013 and 2014 there was also an incidents of tense relations between the populations of both countries. Sources: Diario de Cuba; Cubanet, Cibercuba.

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