Fearless Venezuelans: Protester Undresses, Climbs Tank and Requests Ceasefire

represion - venezolanos
“Please don’t fire more bombs! No more please, no more!” screamed the young man whose back was full of pellet wounds. (@YeraldinFerrer)


In Venezuela, an opposition protester decided to undress and climb a tank to ask officials to stop the brutal repression.

“Please don’t fire more bombs…no more, please no more!” shouted the young man whose back was full of pellet wounds.

The brave man decided to confront the guards naked, with a Bible in his hand, to prove that he was unarmed, and ask them in a peaceful way to stop firing at the demonstration.

The more he demanded that the repression cease, the more he was beaten and shot.


Tweet: Protester undressed and climbed a tank on Francisco Fajardo Avenue and was shot with pellets.

Tweet: Young man undresses to request an end to repression. Response: tear gas and pellets.

Venezuelans are losing their fear to confront their government, in the face of so much repression by the brutal regime of Nicolas Maduro. Despite the dead, wounded, and detained, hundreds have taken to the streets, pursuing innovate strategies to challenge state security forces.


An image went viral around the world on Wednesday, April 19th, when a woman in her 60s decided to stand in front of a Bolivarian National Guard tank to prevent the war vehicle from moving forward.

Tweet: Woman detaining a tank. #Venezuela No to Repression! Continue fighting for the blood spilled by the tyrant.

The unarmed courageous woman got in the GNB’s way. She stood in front of a tank, very close and put her hands over her eyes to withstand the gases that painted the scene, with the Venezuelan flag on her neck and head. This Venezuelan became the country’s hero.

Another video that reveals how Venezuelans have lost their fear in the face of the repression. It was also taken on Wednesday, April 19th, and showed a GNB official shooting point blank at a woman who was recording with her cell phone from her home.

The soldier fired against alleged demonstrators. When he realized that he was being recorded by the lady, he loaded his gun and fired at her, wounding her with a shot in the jaw.

Tweet: Venezuelan policeman fired against a woman who was recording with her mobile phone from her home.

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