OAS Secretary General Releases Video Condemning the Venezuelan Regime’s “Criminal” Repression

“Repression is increasing in Venezuela,” Almagro said. “It is authoritarian to repress those who seek democracy.”(Flickr)

EspañolSecretary General of the Organization of American States Luis Almagro released a new, emphatic video with a message against the “abuses and aggressions” of Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro.

In the video, Almagro condemned the Venezuelan National Guard’s brutal suppression of demonstrations against the government.

“Repression is increasing in Venezuela,” he said at the start of a video published through the OAS. “It is authoritarian to repress protesters who seek democracy.”

He rejected “the criminal habits” of Maduro, most specifically the order to fire tear gas at protesters from a helicopter.

Also, state security officials who threw similar chemicals into a clinic in Caracas.


Almagro praised the people of Venezuela, who he said “have demonstrated their high morals and their capacity to become stronger in the face of adversity.”

“They have shown their ability to continue calling for justice that has been illegitimately taken from them, the possibility to express themselves freely by vote,” he said.

“As Secretary General of the OAS, I will continue to strongly condemn each time the population is subjected to such abuses and incivility,” he said.

Source: El Nuevo Herald

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