Venezuelan Students Mock Maduro over Deplorable Schools with no Food, Utensils

Venezuelan students have recently begun to use ID cards as forks, as government is unable to supply utensils (
Venezuelan students have recently begun to use ID cards as forks, as government is unable to supply utensils (Globovision).


The crisis in Venezuela and the inability of the Venezuelan state to provide food security has returned to be news in the South American country after a video that went viral on social networks where students denounce that they must eat with the hands.

Added to this is the deplorable quality of the food they consume that can easily be seen in the video published by Venezuelan students.

The video was filmed at the public school Hipólito Cisneros located in the state of Carabobo in the central region of the country. High school students decided to jokingly denounce the situation they face in their school, because they have to eat with their hands due to a lack of utensils. Other highlights from the video revealed a woefully inadequate portion of spaghetti, as well as a inedible portion of beef.

In the video, the students used an identification card, known locally as a “Carnet de la Patria” as a kind of fork.

The carnet de la patria is an electronic card that serves to ration the products of Local Committees of Supply and Production (CLAP) and social missions in Venezuela. Anyone who wishes to receive social benefits from the government is obliged to apply for such a card.

This is not the first time that the regime of Nicholas Maduro has been subject to denunciations from public school students.

During a recent television broadcast, Nicolás Maduro was harangued by a teenager who asked for increased school security, improved infrastructure, and food because his classmates had been fainting from hunger.

While the dire situation of public education in the South American country was in plain view, Maduro conveniently decided to ignore the eye witness report of the student. Other students have also put Maduro in an uncomfortable spot.

“President, the Canonical Benedict [high school] needs a lot of help from you and from the revolutionary government … We have problems with the infrastructure, we have been robbed many times, we do not have a gate, and one of the ceilings has begun to cave in,” said student Dulvi Tabarquino.

The young woman complained that her school, located in Miranda state, needs painting and desks, as well as a dining room, emphasizing that the school has not served breakfast or lunch for two years due to the suspension of government food system.

She also said that the school has made reports explaining the situation and has not received a response.

Source: Facebook

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