Venezuela’s Crisis Claims Its First Infant Malnourishment Death of 2017

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Orangelis became the first baby to die from malnourishment in 2017 (Crhoy).

EspañolAnother infantile death caused by malnutrition has Venezuelans in mourning this week.

A seven month old baby died from lack of food and water, local reports said, the first of the short 2017 year.

Orangelis Figuera was taken to a hospital in Ciudad Guayana, in the souther part of the country, because spots had appeared on her skin, which are symptoms of severe malnourishment and lack of vitamins.

When she was hospitalized in the immediate care unit, physicians said the case wasn’t encouraging.

“She had not been vaccinated and when a child is undernourished low glucemia is bad,” one specialist said. “A few days later, however, she was more active.”

Despite resuscitation, Orangelis’ health declined due to lack of formula, which is scarce in Venezuela both in supermarkets and in medical centers.

Orangelis’ condition worsened until, finally, she stopped breathing. When she died, one of her eyes reportedly detached from her eye socket.

“We are talking about a case of severe undernourishment and of complete organ failure,” the doctor said.

Orangelis became the the first baby to die due to undernourishment in 2017; however, it was a common, repeating story this past year.

One of the most notable cases was 18-month-old Royer Augusto Machado who lost his life in August after more than 72 hours without food; his mother, who lived in extreme poverty ran out of resources to feed herself, could only give her son water.

In June, eight-month-old Ligia Gonzalez as well as two-year-old Elver Gonzalez both died from malnutrition after several days of hospitalization.


Maduro: “Do not ask me for food”

Residents have reportedly demanded food during Presiden Nicolás Maduro‘s speeches, one of which was broadcast nationally.

During the speech, while Venezuelans were shouting that they wanted food, Maduro responded: “Don’t ask me for food. I’ll remind you that I gave that responsibility to General Vladimir Padrino López, go ask him at Fuerte Tiuna”

Source: La Patilla

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