Pepe Mujica Addresses Dialogue Controversies in Venezuela

Pepe Mujica: Venezuela has to bring economic reform. In currency, in prices (...) They need a political accord with the economy, this is not defeated with resources, but with work". (Alba Ciudad)
Pepe Mujica: Venezuela has to focus on economic reform.” (Alba Ciudad)

EspañolFor former President of Uruguay José Pepe Mujica, the dialogue in Venezuela between the government and the opposition should not focus on the political, but on the economic.

In an exclusive interview with Globovisión, the former president acknowledged that in President Maduro’s country it is necessary to reform currency issues and price inflation.

He argued that Venezuela has depended on oil for more than 100 years, which has created the current economic situation. He pointed out that a lack of production means that positive changes are not perceived by the outside world.

He said that under current economic conditions, he sees no way out of the dialogue. He stressed the importance of the country producing its own food in Venezuela and guaranteeing private capital to start investing in the country.

“It is fundamental that people have confidence,” he said. “Politicians must cultivate their wellbeing and look like it; that is, act like the majority and not the minority.”

He recalled that economic models are decisive in the development of a country. He noted that, no matter which party governs, the problems will persist if the financial problem is not resolved first.

Source: El Nacional

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