Venezuelan Regime Tries to Boycott Opposition By Banning Use of National Flag

According to a decree, Nicolás Maduro’s administration will begin regulating the use of the Venezuelan flag, widely used in opposition protests. (Mensaje directo)

EspañolThere will a lot less hats and necklaces with the colors of Venezuela on them from now on — Venezuelans are no longer aloud to use the red, blue and yellow of their country’s flag in a decorative fashion.

According to officials, Nicolás Maduro’s administration announced it is going to begin regulating the use of the country’s flag.

An announcement was released October 28, establishing that “in no case should (the flag) be used as a decorative element.”


Though the reason for the decision is unknown, the opposition and media outlets have speculated that it is a strategy for preventing demonstrations and protests in the streets, which has become an iconic symbol.

It’s necessary to consolidate the strength and pride of the country’s national identity through formal guidelines and rules about the use of national symbols in compliance with the legal regulations in force,” the document read, “and in order to uphold the legacy of our ancestors so that future generations may learn national values.”

The national flag will only be allowed for use in certain installations, on buildings where the government functions and on educational institutions.

Sources: Panorama

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