Venezuelan Government Stole 14 Tons of Food, Claims Producer Polar

Polar expropriated in Venezuela: the destination of the products taken by force by the government is still unknown. (Visión Global)
The destination of some products taken by the government is still unknown. (Visión Global)

EspañolEmpresas Polar, the largest “surviving” enterprise in Venezuela — which produces food, beverages, sauces and spreads — has claimed the government arbitrarily seized 14,000 kilos of its inventory.

The incident allegedly took place during an inspection that interrupted entry and exit of trucks to a storage facility for more than 12 hours.

Manager of Customer Service for Alimentos Polar Victor Vicent delivered this report:

Thursday, at approximately 10:30 p.m., a commission made up of officials from the National Superintendency of Agrifood Management (SunAgro), the National Superintendency for the Defense of Social and Economic Rights (Sundde) and the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) proceeded to arbitrarily seize 13,800 kilos of food and other products like margarine Mavesa, pasta and Diamond cleaning products, of which nearly 6,000 kilos had already been billed and were ready to be shipped to our customers in Apure.

Acts such as those in our branch unnecessarily interrupted operations without justification, severely hampering distribution and the timely supply of good to the market.

“Harassment and systematic violations”

On 25 July, Empresas Polar officials asked the Venezuelan government to let them “work and produce in peace,” with General Director Marisa Guisand claiming the company was the victim of persecution and harassment.

Guisand also rejected the government’s blatant discrimination, saying it keeps denying Polar access to the exchange of foreign goods provided by the government to other industries, as well as its competition.

“How is there foreign exchange for regional breweries and not for Polar Brewery?” Guisand said. “We demand an equal and fair treatment and transparency.”

Since the revival of plant operations for Empresas Polar, at least 17 visits have been made by the Ministry of Labor and the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebin).

“Three of our managers have been detained,” Guisand said.

“We demand an end to the harassment of which we are constantly subject,” he continued. “We are a company that has been committed to this country for over 75 years, and which wants to continue working and producing by and for Venezuelans,” he said.

Source: El Nacional

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