Illinois Approves Medical Marijuana Use for PTSD Therapy

marihuana- estres postraumatico
Antes de 30 días debe incluirse el TEPT a la lista de males que pueden tratarse con marihuana en Illinois (Diariony)

EspañolA Chicago judge has approved the use of medical marijuana to treat post-traumatic stress. The approval came from an appeal of former solider.

The Cook County judge order the state of Illinois to add post-traumatic stress to the list of sicknesses that qualify a patient for treatment through the use of medical marijuana.

Judge Neil Cohen order the Director of the Department of Public Health Nirav Shah to add the plant to the list within 30 days.

Lawyer for the former soldier Michael Goldberg said his client, “considers the decision will give him and other former soldiers who suffer from PTSD the respect that they merit from the state and from the office of the governor.”

Illinois law allows people to request the state to consider news conditions that may be treated for medical marijuana. However, Governor Bruce Rauner had rejected all requests to date, despite recommendations from an expert panel stating the contrary.

Last January, the Health Commissioner Howard Zucker said there was no sufficient evidence to prove the effectiveness of the plant on treating PTSD, Alzheimer, muscular dystrophy or rheumatoid arthritisis.

Fifteen states in the United States have laws regarding medical marijuana therapy that include PTSD.

Source: El Comercio

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