Bolivian Army Forced to Sing Anthem Praising President Morales

himno a Evo Morales
The lyrics of the President-focused song have been circulating on social media (Tinypik)

Español“Your patriotism is our ideal and greatest virtue, you have united Bolivia in our heats, it is a great example to imitate.”

Thus begins a song for Bolivia President Evo Morales, which military officials were reportedly obligated to sing on May 30.

“Evo Morales you have the light, you are the ideal man from Orinoca, the man who has changed history, and who joined together our beloved homeland,” read the fourth paragraph of the composition.

A document belonging to the 10th division of the Bolivian army in Tupiza began circulating around social media, which showed the lyrics of the song that army members were instructed to sing to Morales.

According to the newspaper El Deber, orders have been given to sing the Morales song in place of the traditional anthem by Juan Enrique Jurado, La Patria. Certain units of the army in Cochabamba have already begun to sing it.

The Fides News Agency said a non-commissioned officer expressed his “discontent” with the situation:

“They already made them sing it at an event in Santa Cruz,” said the official, who requested that his name not be used. This military considers this order to be an indoctrination to a single person, when the armed forces should be loyal to the constitution.”

Minister of Defense Reymi Ferreira said he knew the song existed but didn’t think it would ever become a military requirement.

“There isn’t any instruction,” he said. “There is a march that the army has composed, the Evo Morales march, but it isn’t something that has necessarily been approved or discussed. We have seen one division do it, if I am not mistaken, but we aren’t sure if that’s real or not. We don’t have any information on it, but if it were official the Ministry of Defense would know.”

Military Response

An air force official informed El Deber that since last week, they have begun to rehearse the anthem.

One army colonel said the instructions were received with embarrassment because the song is a form of subjugation to the head of the state.

“There is shame and anger surrounding it, that’s all I’m going to say.”

Source: El Deber

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