Dissident Cuban Party Releases Political Reform Plan

Unpacu - democracia
The “Minimum Plan & Projections” report argues for a peaceful and democratic approach to change. (14ymedio)

EspañolCuba’s Patriotic Union (UNPACU) — an illegal opposition party founded in 2011 — introduced its “Minimum Plan & Projections” report this week, which charts the necessary steps that must be taken for achieving long-awaited change to the island’s political, economic, and social structure.

The document consists of nine key points ranging from economic reform to free and open elections. It also stresses the importance of working toward freedom of the press, as well as releasing political prisoners incarcerated by Raúl Castro’s strict regime.

UNPACU presented a list of demands in the report, one of which was a constituent assembly to draft a new constitution that “universally recognizes the rights and freedoms of all Cubans without exception, both for those who live on the island and those of the diaspora.”

UNPACU Director José Daniel Ferrer also pointed out the importance of having “food security, minimum wages, high-quality education instead of indoctrination, and the right to health care.”

He added that the only possible path to a regime change and freedom for the Cuban people is peaceful protest and democratic reform.

“The status quo is pushing us deeper and deeper into an abyss,” he said. “… Cuba’s democratization is the only valid solution.”

The report also touched on growing poverty, military interference in the economy and Cuba’s increasing debt.

“We believe in …. property and production, small, medium or large, national, foreign or mixed. We need to establish legal guarantees for our nation’s entrepreneurs and protection for those Cubans who are in difficult situations.”

According to Ferrer, the report is open to debate, amendments and corrections. But he said he believes it is a well thought-out program.

“It has been brewing since 2013, when René Gómez, the first UNPACU legal adviser, was commissioned to write a first draft,” he said.

Source: 14yMedio.

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