Venezuela: Regime-Friendly Daily Sacks Reporter over Panama Papers

The Últimas Noticias group was bought by businessmen close to the chavista government, which did not like the Panama Papers leak
The Últimas Noticias group was bought by businessmen close to the “Chavista” government  (Últimas Noticias)

EspañolVenezuela’s National Press Workers Union (SNTP) announced on Tuesday, April 12, that journalist Ahiana Figueroa was fired from Últimas Noticias, a government-friendly newspaper, after she participated in the #PanamaPapers investigations.

The journalists’ union representative condemned the move, claiming it did not respect the country’s labor law and job security established by the Venezuelan government.

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According to the SNTP, Ultimas Noticias, together with Nicolás Maduro’s regime, is lashing out against journalists who participated in the #PanamaPapers investigation, which exposed huge amounts of corruption involving politicians, businessmen and even religious leaders who decided to invest money in offshore bank accounts.

Ultimas Noticias was allegedly bought by businessmen close to the “chavista” government.

Figueroa, who specializes in economics, had agreed to work on the #PanamaPapers case as a researcher.

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Figueroa’s report, which became the cause of her dismissal, states Venezuelan Gonzalo Tirado allegedly came to the Mossack Fonseca firm with a “premeditated plan to hide money.”

She reported that while he was being tried in Venezuela along with his former Stanford Group colleagues, ex-banker Tirado went to the Panamanian law firm to register companies.

Source: El Nacional.

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