Uber Drivers in Argentina Could Face 10 Days in Jail

The Argentinean justice is trying to neutralize the advance of Uber in the country (El Cronista)
Argentina officials are trying to neutralize Uber. (El Cronista)

Espa√ĪolThe Buenos Aires Public Ministry conducted 13 raids Thursday in the offices and homes of Uber managers and drivers.

The city prosecutor accused them of violating an order to close down operations in April.

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Buenos Aires public prosecutors is expected to request that the eight involved receive 10 days in prison, according to La Nación.

The charges¬†are for¬†“illegitimately exercising an activity that exceeded the limits of the driving record,” meaning that the drivers were working without the permits required by Buenos Aires to provide public transport.

Detectives from the Metropolitan Police and the Judicial Investigation Corps (ICJ) of Buenos Aires prosecution reportedly raided an office in downtown Buenos Aires where the representation of the firm Uber Argentina SRL works.

They also they raided the homes of two executives who were in charge of Uber in Argentina until last June and the homes of two current managers.

“The goal was to collect evidence that would strengthen (evidence) of the crime¬†and correctly identify the perpetrators in order to end the violation,” judicial sources told La Naci√≥n.

Documentation discovered during the raid links more than 20 defendants in the case with the activities of Uber.

Source:  La Nación.

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