Trump’s Victory Should Have Been Obvious to Anyone Paying Attention

Trump's victory is due, in large part, to the tremendous failure in the campaign of his democratic counterpart (Flickr).
Trump’s victory is due, in large part, to the tremendous failure of Clinton’s¬†campaign (Flickr).

Espa√ĪolDonald Trump won and now most¬†media outlets have dismissed the victory as if a mysterious and invisible hand acted with divine¬†intervention.

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The truth is that both the public and the press seem to have been absent in a campaign that was lost by Hillary Clinton and announced as such months ago. The clues were always there in plain sight, but for cheap progressive fanaticism or, in this particular case, simple hatred, nobody wanted to admit it.

Donald Trump is the winner of a race that Clinton lost, and this is something that must be understood in its entirety:¬†The victory of the “xenophobic sexist” is the result of the resounding failure of a manipulator with few scruples.

Clinton was grasping at straws by the end, needing help not from one, but from two Obamas, and from any actor who has enjoyed some popularity in his life. Hillary is not Michelle and they both know it. And Barack, with all his faults, is not Hillary. She’s not even Bill.

Beyond her contradictions, beyond being investigated by the FBI, beyond the complicity of half of Wall Street, beyond Libya, beyond e-mails, Hillary Rodham Clinton has the charisma of a rusted spoon, and she knows it.

She dedicated a good percentage of tweets and Facebook posts to ranting against Trump, to the point of becoming everything that she claimed to dislike about the Republican candidate (aggressiveness and violence) and made little reference to what she intended to do in the event of winning office.

Robert de Niro appeared at some point on behalf of Clinton as part of her #VoteYourFuture campaign, telling the whole world how much he would like to hit Trump in the face. Many found it fun and ingenious, few were the ones who realized that the mythical actor sank to the level of the Republicans.

Not many were scandalized when the Democrat insulted what we now know is the majority of the American people, calling Trump’s voters “deplorable.”

And so, with all of the above, the media and polls still do not understand why Hillary Clinton is not celebrating a victory. Explanations border on the absurd. Time writer Charlotte Alter said on Twitter that people shouldn’t¬†forget how much people hate women ( “never forget: people hate women).” But sexism was one of many¬†possible explanations for a defeat, and the easiest, the most at hand.

Others have said Trump won by appealing to a society full of hatred and resentment, and this might actually be true:¬†he won by understanding the anger of a people tired of political correctness in a society that does not allow anyone to think differently ‚ÄĒ in which inclusion is an obligation.

Trump’s victory is the defeat of the establishment, the status quo, cronyism with big banks. Political analysts failed to interpret the average American’s craving and are now amid¬†a collective hysteria that isn’t¬†cooperating at a time when unity is essential for a country. It is their surprise that surprises.

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