Evo Morales Loses Reelection Referendum in Bolivia

 Over 6 million Bolivians were registered to vote in the referendum.
Over 6 million Bolivians were registered to vote in the referendum. (Cubadebate)

EspañolPreliminary official results and several exit polls suggest that Bolivian President Evo Morales has lost a referendum to decide whether or not he would be allowed to run for a fourth term.

This result leaves the socialist leader no legal alternative but to leave power in 2020, when his current mandate expires.

The country’s electoral authority is currently publishing official results online, with “NO” almost doubling the amount of votes in favor of Morales’s reelection.

At press time, just 4.5 percent of ballot boxes were processed, so the difference may vary in the next few hours.

However, local newspaper El Deber reported an exit poll that shows just a two-percent advantage for NO:

News agency Fides also published two exit polls that gave the opposition a three-percent win over Evo Morales’s reelection bid.

Opposition leaders have taken to social media and the press to celebrate what they deem an “irreversible” trend.

However, ruling party spokesmen claim that it’s too soon to call a victory for either side.

The PanAm Post will update the results as more official data is announced.

Translated by Daniel Duarte.

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