Badge of Honor: Pro-Castro Outlet Accuses PanAm Post of Waging “Anti-Cuban Media War”

Columnists, journalists, editors and other members of the PanAm Post team will always be proud to defend what dictatorships seek to censor. (Facebook)

Español The left-wing website Rebelión has accused PanAm Post of participating in an “anti-Cuban media war.”

The pro-Castro publication devoted an entire article to criticizing the PanAm Post, singling out one journalist in particular who had recently denounced an excess of “political propaganda” on the island, as well as the constant “humiliation” suffered by the Cuban people under the dictatorial regime.

The socialist website used the headline: “Antonella S. Marty, a provocative voice in the anti-Cuban media war for outlets such as the Panam Post and others.”

Rebelión said the PanAm Post is a publication working inside one of many “anti-Cuban circles” that Marty moves between with the objective of waging “ideological war against Cuba, Venezuela and all progressive movements and figures in Latin America.”

It also accused the PanAm Post of “exploiting such figures as Che, Fidel, Allende and others, using a poisonous distortion of their historical role and shamelessly defaming them.”

The article attacking the work of our journalist and newsroom came in response to a piece Marty wrote lamenting the “hypocrisy” of Cuban President Raúl Castro and his regime, which “is always speaking out against violence toward women, but turns around and has women killed and beaten” for marching for peace and the freedom.

“It turns out that Cuban television channels were plagued with political propaganda for what the regime called “Women’s Week” … but behind the scenes, and for years, they have killed and beaten these brave women, who march for the peace and freedom of the Cuban people.”

“This is another characteristic of these populist and dictatorial movements, as is the Castro regime: hypocrisy and a two-face attitude are their bread and butter. These same Castro types who are always speaking out against violence toward women have women beaten,” Marty said in her piece.

The PanAm Post specializes in international issues with a focus on Latin America, and is responsible for defending liberties there as well denouncing violations of fundamental human rights.

The PanAm Post is a means of communication whose content is backed up by reports, studies and analysis by international specialists. It under no circumstances defends dictatorships — such as Castro in Cuba or Maduro in Venezuela — or socialist regimes such Evo Morales’s in Bolivia and Daniel Ortega’s in Nicaragua.

For any media whose regimes have authoritarian tendencies, criticism will always be called a “media war” against their government or nation. Columnists, journalists, editors and other members of the PanAm Post team will always be proud to defend what dictatorships seek to censor.

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