Editorial: Why Venezuela Should Heed Antonio Ledezma’s Brave Message

Antonio Ledezma
At this publication we believe that, despite the great achievements of the Venezuelan opposition has made in trying to remove Maduro and his authoritarian regime, the effort today still faces several obstacles. (Twitter)

EspañolThese are times of uncertainty in Venezuela. Despite the great advances achieved by private citizens in the streets, it seems that freedom is not making progress. The opposition seems stagnant. The dictatorship is ready to impose even greater levels of totalitarianism and to repeal the last vestiges of freedom.

After a difficult day for society, tarnished by the blood of more than 15 Venezuelans during protests, it is easy to become discouraged and demoralized. Nicolás Maduro was able to impose his illegal Constituent National Assembly despite it being electoral fraud.

At the PanAm Post we have taken on the task of upholding freedom at its best. Venezuela is, today, a country where that sacred value has been kidnapped by a group of criminals. At this publication we believe that, despite the great achievements the Venezuelan opposition has made in trying to remove Maduro and his authoritarian regime, the effort today still faces several obstacles.

These are the kinds of moments in which adjustments must be made that look beyond just confronting an authoritarian regime. We must get out from under those obstacles that impede progress and support each and every one of the courageous words expressed by the former Mayor of Caracas and political prisoner Antonio Ledezma, in a video he published recently.

The mayor does not spend time in politicking. Instead, he tells the frank truth. He presents a message that is directed mostly at the opposition leadership, encouraging them to remove everything that hinders the nation’s progress.

We make their words our own, and we publish them here, on our platform. Therefore we fully support the truths spoken by one of the most significant politicians in Venezuela today.

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