Venezuelan Opposition Holds Nationwide Sit-down to Protest Dictatorship

(Foto: PanAm Post)
The event will be start at 7:00 a.m. and is expected to last approximately 12 hours. (Foto: PanAm Post)

EspañolVenezuela’s political opposition is holding a sit-down against President Nicolás Maduro this Monday, May 15, with the intention of paralyzing the country.

Venezuela has been rocked by protests for over a month, but this one will be more unique because protesters plan to occupy main roads in each state — sitting or standing in large groups so cars can’t pass — until their bodies can “no long take it,” Governor of Miranda Henrique Capriles Randonski said.

“We will spend many hours there demonstrating that our spirit is relentless,” he said. “We have been protesting for more than 40 days and we must prepare for many more.”

The event will be start at 7:00 a.m. and is expected to last approximately 12 hours.

In the capital of Caracas, the sit-down will take place at two major points: Victory Avenue in the west of the city and the Francisco Fajardo exit to the east.

Tweet: We continue to resist. On #May15 we say #NoMoreDictatorship during the sit-down in east and west Caracas.

How the “Great Sit-down” developed

Police threatened residents so as to prevent them from attending Miranda’s demonstration.

Tweet: #Breaking the National Bolivarian Police threaten neighbors to prevent them from attending the march #NoMoreDictatorship

Residents in Palavecino, one of municipalities most attacked by repressive forces of the regime, started its march.

Tweet: #May15 In Palavecino, one of the municipalities under attack by the regime took a stand.

National Bolivarian Police closed access to the 9 de Diciembre bridge. (Caracas).

Tweet: Caracas. 9 de diciembre brige is closed by the police.

Though opposition leaders asked protesters to not block streets during the event, people have already begun to do so as a form of protest.

Tweet: Civil society in Lara began a stand against the dictatorship at 7am.

Tweet: RT Report: #May15. This is how Bolivar avenue looks like at sunrise.

People started to gather at the Santa Fe exit in Caracas.

Tweet: #May15 This is what the Santa Fe exit looks like. The sit-down begins.

Tweet: #NationalStand 45 days of resistance on the street, today #May15, it began in Santa Fe, Caracas.

Opposition leaders give instructions to carry out the sit-down on May 15.

Tweet: Brothers and sisters, remember, we must organize ourselves, it’s a STAND, it’s a blockade, resistance in each corner of the country. THERE’S MORE OF US!

Tweet: GREAT NATIONAL SIT-DOWN today, we will all gather at 7am in Caracas at the Victoria Avenue and Francisco Fajardo highway intersect.

Despite the opposition’s call to protest, the metro in Caracas was 100 percent operational.

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