Communists Rally in Support of Venezuela’s Dictatorship around the World

Spanish communist party PODEMOS will express its support for Venezuela’s dictatorship, its long-time ally. (Twitter)

International Communists rally in support of Venezuela’s dictatorship: The Venezuelan dictatorship of Nicolás Maduro has suspended constitutionally mandated elections, abrogated the legislative powers of Venezuela’s National Assembly, instituted military tribunals for civilian opponents, and jailed leaders of the opposition. And yet leftist parties around the world— and a few corrupt politicos— are banding together in an attempt to garner international support for the regime.

Over the next few days, Communist parties around the world, many of which, like PODEMOS in Spain, now use cleaned-up names suggested by PR firms to hide their true ideology, are organizing rallies in support of their ally and benefactor in Venezuela.

Events will be held in Madrid, Toronto, Mexico and other cities around the world. The common theme is to portray the millions of protesters seeking free and fair elections as “terrorists” whose leaders are simply puppets of “The Empire,” the Chavista code word for the United States.

These 21st Century Communists in their new guise are joined by the Chavista regime’s political cronies, who have either received funding and support from the Venezuelan dictatorship over the last two decades, or can be easily blackmailed by the Venezuelan and Cuban security services.

Thus, one will find pro-Maduro events organized by Peronistas in Argentina, the recipients of large amounts of Venezuelan cash over the years, or the government party of Ecuador.

Recently, the President of Panama, Juan Carlos Valera, was so angered when a group of Venezuelan exiles interrupted a pro-Maduro event in Panama, that he threatened the entire Venezuelan community in Panama with deportation for further protests at events like these. Ironically, it was Panama’s former dictator, Manuel Noriega, who provided the model for Hugo Chavez’s paramilitary thugs used by the regime to cow and repress opponents. Panama’s Batallones de la Dignidad became Chavez’s Colectivos.

Venezuelans believe Varela, who was Panama’s Vice President when the now infamous Odebrecht contracts were awarded, may be subject to blackmail from either Cuba or Venezuela, which would explain his surprising and unwarranted tirade against Venezuelan expats.

It is unlikely that events by these radical groups around the world will sway public opinion. The images coming out of Venezuela, and extensive reporting from the world’s largest and most respected news outlets cannot be undone by a few radicals trying to get into the evening news.

The Venezuelan experience has shown that Communism is not really dead around the world, and that old tactics, long used by these fanatics, are being revived.

It is also worthwhile to remember that these same groups are the leaders in their respective countries when it comes to attacking everything American, free trade, free markets, and liberal democracy.

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