In the Tank: Meryl Streep’s pro-Hillary Speeches Before Her Golden Globe Rant

By: PanAm Post Staff - Jan 10, 2017, 11:15 am
Meryl Streep’s pro-Clinton speeches over the years prove that she was “in the tank” long before her Golden Globe speech. (Flickr)

Meryl Streep’s rant against Donald Trump at the Golden Globes awards ceremony was “a rallying cry” in a new culture war, wrote The New York Times. The Old Hag added that Streep “firmly lay down the gauntlet… targeting Mr. Trump’s skills as a showman and entertainer and branding them as insidious…”

She called on actors, foreigners, journalists and others to stand together and support the arts and the First Amendment, while portraying Mr. Trump as a bully who could whip his supporters into a frenzy and ‘show their teeth’.

The NYT even quoted one Rami Malek, “who stars in the USA drama ‘Mr. Robot,’ (and) said of Ms. Streep to his table, according to The Los Angeles Times, ‘In a weird way, she’s our president.’

What the NYT and the progressive media have failed to mention is that the Streep speech is yet another case of left-wing sour grapes after the November 8 election, which, as Nassim Taleb so eloquently put it, shocked each member of the bien-pensant class as if a rat had been surreptitiously put in his shirt. And surely Streep was as flabbergasted as any other Hollywood luvvy by Trump’s surprise victory.

Twenty days before the election, Streep said in public that “in 20 days we’ll have President Hillary Rodham Clinton, President of the United States, and all this (Trump’s sexism) will be moot.” Things turned out rather differently.

Streep also made a speech in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic National Convention which included fist-pumping and a Howard Dean-type howl, the type of gestures she would without a doubt find unbearably vulgar if performed by a Mixed Martial Arts audience.

“Hillary Clinton has taken some fire over 40 years of her fight for families and children,” Streep said. “You people,” she told the Democratic crowd, “have made history, and you’ll make history again in November because Hillary Clinton will be our first woman president, and she will be a great president, and she will be the first in a line of women and men who serve with grit and grace.”

Well, not quite.

In a 2012 “Tribute to Hillary Clinton,” Streep produced a parallel of her own life with that of the then Secretary of State.

Here’s what happens when I compare myself to Hillary Clinton… I find a lot of similarities. We’re roughly the same age, we both have two brothers… We both grew up in middle class homes with spirited and big-hearted mothers… We both went from public high schools to distinguished women’s colleges…. And we both went on to graduate school at Yale, which is where the two paths diverged in the wood…

While I was a cheerleader she was the president of the student government. Where I was the lead in all three musicals, people who know her tell me that she should never be encouraged to sing. Regardless, she has turned out to be the voice of her generation. I’m an actress, and she is the real deal.

Not exactly Plutarch.

Decades after college, Streep and Hillary Clinton’s roles have slightly altered. While Streep still acts as pro-Hillary cheerleader, Hillary is not the president. Hence Streep’s Golden Globe philippic against Trump.

Mexico Launches Plan to Boost Economy, Control Prices amid Gas Surge

By: Elena Toledo - @NenaToledo - Jan 10, 2017, 9:30 am

EspañolFaced with Mexico's increasing gas prices, President Enrique Peña Nieto made a series of controversial moves on Monday, January 9 in hopes of strengthening the Mexican economy, which were specifically opposed by the Mexican Employers' Confederation. Nieto introduced the Agreement for Economic Strengthening and Protection of the Family Economy, saying it came in response to people's concerns about how fuel prices would affect other aspects of spending in their lives, and for households in the lowest income bracket. Secretary of Finance Jose Antonio Meade said the agreement is intended to protect the parts of the economy that most impact families — like the price of domestic goods — to promote investment and employment, preserve investment and preserve economic stability overall while strengthening rule of law. Read More: Former Argentina President Kirchner Denies Husband Hid $1.7 Million in US Bank Read More: Argentina Still Won’t See Investment Boom in 2017, Experts Say Nieto said it is important that employers also commit to improving the productivity of their industries, and that the federal government implement controls to ensure that prices of products do not increase unreasonably. "The agreement responds precisely to the concerns of women and heads of households, concerns that there is an unjustified increase in other goods and services, especially in basic living expenses," Nieto said. "There are concerns that there will be food shortages or cuts in programs in order to respond to these concerns, but the business sector is committed to helping avoid incurring a price increase." googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1459522593195-0'); }); As for the imminent increase in transportation-related costs, Nieto announced that the federal government will be promoting initiatives to switch to the use of more "efficient and economic" fuels. High government spending has been a main concern for this administration, and so the federal government included in the agreement an austerity program to take care of the expenses of the present administration, including cutting US $9.5 billion and reducing salaries of public servants in federal posts by 10 percent. Nieto said the Ministry of Finance is working on identifying all areas of the economy where savings can be made so that the government keeps its spending promises. Fuente: El Universal

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