Police Uncover 10 Bodies from Mass Graves in Acapulco


EspañolOn Monday, June 23, Mexican authorities unearthed 10 corpses from seven unmarked mass graves in Acapulco, Guerrero, thanks to an anonymous tip sent to the police.

The forensics team found the bodies of three women and seven men buried on the highest side of the Olympic Mountain, Guerrero Attorney General Miguel Ángel Godínez said on Tuesday.

Local media reported that investigators began their excavation around 6 p.m. local time on Sunday and resumed the next morning. The team then took the bodies to the Forensic Medical Service of Acapulco in order to identify them and determine the cause of death.

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Godínez told Mexican media that based on the clothing on two of the bodies, investigators believe the victims may have been kidnapped and murdered between 15 and 20 days ago.

He added that local police are investigating whether the crime is tied to any criminal group known to be operating in the area.

Initially, police had only located two graves and four bodies on Sunday evening, but several hours of searching on Monday with the help of trained dogs turned up the remaining graves, Godínez explained. Mexico’s National Committee of Security reportedly supported the investigation by sending officials to protect the excavation area.

Meanwhile, police say Acapulco has experienced a recent upturn in violence, with five people murdered on Monday alone.

On Monday morning, police found the body of a man at the Miguel Alemán colony, and to other locals were murdered by an armed group only hours later. Police say a criminal group stormed into the El Coloso housing unit later that same day, killing two people and wounding a woman.

Sources: El Excelsior, Univisión Noticias.

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