High-School Student Killed in Clash with Venezuelan Police

EspañolOn Tuesday, February 24, a clash between Venezuelan police, students, and masked protesters at the Táchira Catholic University (UCAT) in San Cristóbal left a teenage boy dead.

Local Venezuelan media reported that Kluiverth Roa, a 16-year-old student at Agustín Codazzi High School, died from a gunshot to the head this afternoon. Fellow protesters had rushed him to the hospital in an attempt to save his life.

Several social-media users reported the incident and shared photos and video of the violent clash. Witnesses claim it was a member of the National Bolivarian Police who shot and killed Roa.

“Dramatic video of the student shot at UCAT.”


César Pérez Vivas, former governor of Táchira, criticized police on Tuesday for using deadly force against the student activists.

“Police are using lethal weapons to confront students on the street. Vielma Mora [current Táchira governor], the Constitution forbids those guns in protests.”

As a result of the violence, the university has suspended all activities until further notice, according to a message on the school’s official website.

Miriam Bustos, a local journalist reporting from the site of the protest, said via Twitter that demonstrators initially hijacked a Coca-Cola truck and used it to blocked the street.

“UCAT students promise they will not damage or loot the soda truck. They say it’s just a move to exert pressure.”

An hour later, Bustos reported Roa had been shot and killed:

“The wounded young man died. Presumably he’s a student. He had no ID with him, just a scarf from the Capacho scout troop.”

Others present during the shooting also reported Roa’s death.

“Kluiverth Roa, a 16-year-old young student at Agustín Codazzi High School has just died from a marble-gun shot fired by the police,” said Deputy Abelardo Díaz during a National Assembly session on Tuesday. “How long will the police keep murdering Venezuela’s youth?”

On January 27, 2015, an internal ruling by the Venezuelan Ministry of Defense authorized the use of lethal weapons by the National Armed Forces (FANB) against protesters.

Source: Noticia al Día.

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