Mexican Authorities Tough Out Fresh Ayotzinapa Protests


Mexican authorities have reasserted the official version of what happened to the 43 Ayotzinapa students who disappeared in September 2014, amid ongoing protests that the state’s role in the kidnappings and killings is being concealed. In a press conference on Tuesday, January 27, Attorney-General聽Jes煤s Murillo Karam reiterated that the students were killed, and their bodies burnt and disposed in a nearby garbage dump.

Thousands gathered in Z贸calo square, in Mexico City, as part of the eight Global Action for Ayotzinapa.
Thousands gathered in Z贸calo square, Mexico City, as part of the eight Global Action for Ayotzinapa. (@KarlaRiveraMX)

“The students were mistakenly identified as聽being members of an antagonistic criminal gang in the area,” said the official. “That is the reason why they were deprived of their liberty and then their lives.”

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Karam’s statement comes after the arrest of the alleged聽Guerros Unidos聽cartel leader Felipe Rodr铆guez Salgado. Salgado, according to Karam,聽admitted that the cartel kidnapped the students after confusing them with members of Los Rojos,聽another group operating in聽the state of Guerrero.

Karam told press聽that聽he has marshalled roughly 500 hundred expert reports and 386 testimonies, made 99 arrests, and examined several cell phone records, in support of the official hypothesis.

On Monday, tens of thousands took the streets of Mexico City in four simultaneous marches that converged in the main square of the city, as part of the eighth聽Global Action for Ayotzinapa. Demonstrations also took place in the聽United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium,聽Italy, and Spain.

Parents of the missing students are convinced that the authorities are concealing key evidence, and聽have pointed out “inconsistencies” in the attorney-general’s version.

“They’ve been repeating the same thing since the beginning. We don’t believe in the declarations of the detainees, which are always disclosed long after they take place in order to prepare and fabricate them,” said聽Felipe de la Cruz, spokesman for the students’ parents,聽in a radio interview.

“We will keep up the fight until we have a scientific truth, because they were taken alive, and we want them back alive, he added.

Sources: Informador, Noroeste.

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